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The Married at First Sight weddings recap

Brandon and Taylor
Tonight’s episode was all about weddings and so far, the three couples married have great chemistry. Pic credit: Lifetime

Tonight, Married at First Sight showed the first three couples getting married. As usual, there were some tear-jerker moments, but also a ton of laughs as one of the grooms can’t dance, and another couple made jokes to ease their nerves.

The episode started with Katie and Derek’s wedding. Derek’s mother flew in from Uruguay despite not really agreeing with the whole “arranged marriage” situation.

Katie began stressing about her ex-boyfriend, who now wants to be more. The couple walked down the aisle, seemed to have instant chemistry, and learned after the “I do’s” that they are both attending grad school.

The next wedding was Taylor and Brandon. Brandon has anxiety and panic attacks and is nervous about having one as he gets married (he didn’t).

Both Taylor and Brandon were appreciative of the way each other looks. Even though Brandon started his vows off with, “From the moment I first saw you,” like it hadn’t been approximately 5 minutes, the wedding went off without a hitch.

Before they could be announced husband and wife, Brandon decided he was going to kiss and run off with his new bride. But he was forced to come back so the wedding could finish.

After the wedding, Taylor learned that Brandon had a teardrop tattoo on his finger for his brother, who he lost to gang violence.

The next wedding was Jessica and Austin. Jessica said that she wanted a tall brunette with a beard. Two out of three ain’t bad as she was matched with bare-faced Austin.

He won her over with his quirky personality, which seemed like the perfect match to Jessica’s humor. Jessica asked if Austin always wore his hair like that, and Austin asked Jessica the same question, to which she answered that she grew it out for the wedding only.

The receptions came next, and we learn that Brandon can’t dance…at all. We also learn that Derek and Katie both want to visit Thailand, and a sweet moment came when Derek asked Katie to go with him someday.

Jessica’s twin said some moving words at the reception, while Austin slicked his hair back. Then we learn that Brandon’s cooking skills are as good as his dancing skills. Thank goodness his new bride likes to cook.

Additionally, we learn that Brandon did not get his dancing skills from his grandmother because she can cut a rug.

We saw a quick preview of Meka and Michael’s wedding, where Meka had a meltdown because her dress is too big in the chest area. Her bridal party tries to calm her down before we are forced to wait until next week to see if she is willing to walk down the aisle in the dress.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday 8/7c on Lifetime.

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