The Man in the High Castle Season 4 release date sooner than expected: Watch the trailer for the final season of the Amazon Prime original

John Smith Season 4 high castle
John Smith appears in the new trailer for the final season. Pic credit: Amazon Prime/YouTube

The Man in the High Castle proved to be a successful venture for Amazon Prime’s original line up. The series received critical praise and was nominated for numerous awards.

Deadline reports that the showrunners were only informed that the series was canceled in the last few days. In the new teaser trailer, it is confirmed that Season 4 of High Castle will be it’s last and the release date is sooner than most expected.

When will Amazon release The Man in the High Castle Season 4?

High Castle was renewed for its fourth season in July 2018 and the cast revealed that they began filming Season 4 before the premiere of its third season.

Therefore, there will not be a two-year wait for Season 4 of The Man in the High Castle, as with the gap between its second and third season.

The trailer confirms that The Man in the High Castle Season 4 will be released in Amazon Prime’s Fall calendar. While there is no exact premiere date given, this confirms that we may get Season 4 as early as September 2019.

The Man in the High Castle Season 4 trailer

The trailer teases an energized rebellion led by Juliana Crain, who managed to cross worlds in the finale of the current season.

The trailer briefly shows Juliana meeting with John Smith in what appears to be another universe. The series will introduce the Black insurgent movement that will add strength to the rebellion while Reichsmarschall John Smith continues to focus on the portals to other worlds that the Nazi regime has built.

MITHC Season 4 will likely feature 10 episodes as with the previous seasons.

All three seasons of The Man in the High Castle are currently available to stream for Amazon Prime subscribers.

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