The Little Couple stars help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in two-hour premiere special

The Little Couple star Jen Arnold and flooding after Hurricane Harvey
The Little Couple star Jen Arnold in the premiere and, inset, flooding following Hurricane Harvey

The Little Couple star Bill Klein and his brothers Tom and Joe head to Houston to help with relief efforts following Hurricane Harvey tonight as the series returns in a two-hour premiere special.

Entrepreneur Bill and doctor wife Jen Arnold previously lived in the Texas city for nine years, and that’s where their TLC show — which follows them and their adopted kids Will and Zoey — began filming.

As The Little Couple enters Season 9 the network last week decided to expand the premiere as it followed Bill, fire chief Tom and Joe, who has experience as a first responder, as they headed back to the city to help victims in the wake of the devastating hurricane.

Bill and Jen now live in Florida and also had to evacuate during the more recent Hurricane Irma.

In the premiere special they will talk about how Harvey affected their friends and family back in Houston as well as other people in the city, and how they tried to help.

Bill, Tom and Joe head there to help people whose homes were seriously damaged in the storm, including some who lost everything.

They also volunteer by handing out pet foods, and visit Bill and Jen’s pet store in the city, Rocky and Maggie’s.

Lots of animals were affected by the hurricane as well as people, and the episode then sees Bill and his brothers visit a pet rescue center acting as a shelter for lots of animals who were separated from their owners.

In one emotional scene, Bill’s brother Tom adopts a puppy who was affected when the storm hit.

Jen said: “As long-time residents of Houston, we wanted to stand with the city we called home for so many years and do anything we could to help with relief efforts.

“It was a remarkable and humbling experience for Bill and his brothers to spend time on the ground with fellow Houstonians affected by the hurricane and come to the aid of many of our four-legged friends as well.

“We hope this special inspires others across the country to contribute as much as they can.”

Viewers can find out how to donate to help recovery efforts by visiting, with all money going to Save The Children.

After the first hour, the normal premiere of The Little Couple will take place which sees the family take a vacation — to Scotland!

The two-hour The Little Couple premiere special starts at 8/7c tonight on TLC.

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