The Last Days of Jesus: Roman politics could have led to Jesus being crucified

The Last Days of Jesus
The Last Days of Jesus looks at some new theories regards his death

The Last Days of Jesus is a 2-hour special on PBS taking a fascinating look at the Roman politics that might well have led to Jesus being crucified.

We know from historical documents and accounts that the Romans were nothing if not pragmatic in politics. This was particularly the case when dealing with troublesome provinces and they often used the strategy of divide and rule to pacify areas they had conquered.

Roman soldiers nail Jesus to a cross
What really led the Romans to execute Jesus?

Much like the British Empire that followed some 1500 years later, the Romans only used force when they had to. Local politics and religious beliefs were often far more important than boots on the ground.

This documentary looks at a new theory that could mean it was Roman politicians vying for power back in Rome that was the real cause of his execution.

With archeologist, historians and dramatic recreation, the documentary puts a new spin on the days leading up to the death of Jesus.

The Last Days of Jesus premieres April 4 at 8:00 PM on PBS.

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