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The Lagina brothers want your theories on The Curse of Oak Island

Marty and Rick Lagina in the trailer for The Curse of Oak Island Season 5
Marty and Rick Lagina in the trailer for The Curse of Oak Island Season 5

Have your own theories about The Curse of Oak Island? The Lagina brothers and the rest of the Oak Island team are looking for your ideas about what lies hidden on the island and how to uncover it.

The pair are part of the “Fellowship of the Dig” who run Oak Island Tours Inc. along with the Blankenships, Alan Kostrzewa and Craig Tester, and the group’s website wants fans to submit theories about the island, its purported treasures, and technology that could help with the quest.

The new trailer for The Curse of Oak Island Season 5, which we exclusively revealed this week, has already pointed at some massive finds for the brothers including a historic coin, keys and the original Money Pit.

What’s more, the team are still on the island completing Season 5 so there could well be more big discoveries to come.

The Laginas and the rest of the group are keen to hear from people who have NEW theories which they have not heard before and which have not previously been researched.

You can send your ideas to them by following the instructions and filling in the form on the Oak Island Tours Inc submission page.

The Curse of Oak Island returns to History for Season 5 on November 7.

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  1. Just a thought that may help with how they may have dug the tunnels on oak island. You may want to take a look at the tunnels that were dug under Lake Arrowhead CA. Seeing as the lake itself is 180 feet deep and the tunnels go under the Lake itself the way they were constructed could aid in how the ones on the island were done. Just a thought. Because Arrowheads tunnels were dug by hand also. If you have any questions you can reach me on Facebook.

    Stu. Bowen.

  2. I have not seen the most recent of your videos as I’ve lost tract of them. But today I just came upon a scott wolters investigating Denver airport and the connection with the Free Masons.. It was a video by National Geographic. In the video is mentioned the hooked X. It struck a chord, as I remembered mention of a hooked X in at least one of your video’s.
    Woters also had a video on the Kensington Rune stone with a hooked X. You may hava already investigated this connection
    Just suggesting it may have something to do with your hooked X.

  3. On the newest episode you found leather from late 15th century. Have you had it tested to see what type of keather it is? If it is cow you could rule out the vikings. If it is caribou/reindeer it is most likely viking.

  4. The ash being found on the road you uncovered was probably mixed with sand. It makes a good hardpack and smooth road on top of the stone. Blessings to yall

  5. With the number of artifacts from approximately 1460 being found along the stone pathway may I call your attention to the unexplained supply of salted cod (a major trading commodity throughout Europe at that time) which Bristol merchants Croft and Jay came up with two years after the Hansiatic League boycotted shipments of cod from iceland to Bristol in 1485.
    Two years later the two merchants were somehow well supplied with salted cod from an unknown source. A Factory on an island off the Nova Scotian coast would have been a good spot to dry and salt the cod before shipment to Bristol and would offer good protection from the ferocious native tribes on the mainland.
    When John Cabot arrived in that area in 1495, Basque fishermen had been established in those waters for seemingly more than a hundred years.
    This would explain the substantial working site, but probably not any treasure pit ( I am guessing, based on the coconut fiber they were unrelated.

  6. Rick… If or when you find a treasure, would you go forward searching for more historic information
    into other happenings on the island. This way to have a fuller spread of knowledge of what has transpired through all the centuries there ?

  7. The 4 non ferous areas ( specifically drilling area Z) drills down to 40 feet with nothing found. the cobblestone road was found how many feet down from surface? would that not indicate that material has accumulated over the years so if the road was found X feet down from the surface at least that much should be added to the depth of the drilling depth i.e. 40+ feet. To find X marks the spot instead of the center of Nolans Cross, if the Cross is standing at the alter would it not stand at alter on the bottom of the Cross

  8. Marty you have too many Freemasons working with you…if it is Templar treasure and the Freemasons are descended from them, don’t you think it would be in their interest to protect that treasure and sabotage you guys. think about it…fire them all and hire real treasure hunters…but then again Canada might be run by the same globalists and hinder your advance.

  9. Hey guys,

    Just wondering if you have entertained the use of LIDAR on your quest? It would show you a lot of what you cannot see and give you a concise map of the island. Well worth the effort. Good luck and may your determination be well rewarded!

  10. The foundation you are investigating near the stone road is most likely a forge. Repeated high temperatures, confined space, and the holes through the foundation are for forced air from bellows (probably) to maintain the heat and feed the fire. I would also point to the many nails found in the area by Gary as discards from reshoeing those oxen. Very small oxen could have been used to haul debris out of the tunnels.
    As an aside, why hasn’t anyone investigated the feature labeled (The Valve) which may be a way to stop the flooding of your tunnels? Anyone attempting to reclaim the treasure would have the resources to dive to the bottom of flooded tunnels back in ancient times.

  11. I think it may possible that when the Knight Templars were banished from Europe they came to Nova Scotia to set up their new banking system. Attracting many of their clients in their past ventures. Pirates, leaders who have stolen vast amounts of wealth etc. My namesake (Mouton) had settled in Nova Scotia around 1670-80’s). Came to Louisiana 1755. They settled just West of Oak Island about 60 miles at Port Mouton (or Bay). I believe there are many vaults that were buried on Oak Island. I really enjoy your show and believe you will succeed in your Quest! I believe you have been quite successful just with the structures and roads you have discovered so far.
    My best to you my Friend
    Jerry Mouton
    Cajun Country

  12. when you found a well that was pressurized I thought it might be a good idea to cap that well with an air valve and pump air into it to find any other wells that were connected.

  13. Rick and Marty: First and foremost, I am not really an expert on anything, so you are probably way ahead of me on what I’m thinking. Nevertheless, here goes. There has been a significant amount of inquiry, fact finding and speculation related to the role of the Knights Templar in the Oak Island mystery. Perhaps some more in depth research into the relationship between French King Phillip and the Knights Templar in the 1300’s would be worthwhile. Historical fact shows Phillip needed money, owed the Knights a tremendous sum of money, didn’t like the power and wealth the Knights had amassed, so proceeded to use his army to destroy the Knights. In that process, he tried to acquire all of the knights real estate, banks, historical and financial wealth. Interestingly, everything Phillip acquired from the Knights was substantially less than written records related to the Knights wealth. In fact, the record show the Knights seemed to be aware of Phillips intentions, which may explain why Phillip’s acquisition of Knights’ property seemed to be substantially less than the Knights were known to possess. I haven’t researched what happened to the large amount of money and artifacts the Knights retained, but there is some suggestion in the record that the Knights may have removed a large part of their treasures to England, then Scotland, then the New World in order to keep what thy could. Whether any of this has any bearing on your search is beyond my limited intellect, but it is interesting that the Knights sailed from France during the mid-1300’s — they had to hide their loot beyond the knowledge and reach of Phillip. OK, I’m done now (but I do enjoy your show).

  14. Marty, hopfully you see this…

    I have a theory about the pressure that came out of the drill hole in s09e10 I believe it was.
    When the tunnel system was flooded from the Booby trap system And if there was an offshoot dug for the treasure that would have gone above sea level or up in any way then the flood water would have risen up in the main money shaft and also into the offshoot only until the pressure of air inside that shoot stopped the floodwaters from raisin, pressurizing it. Therefore when the drill hits, let’s say, the offshoot shaft or actual money chaimber where the money is being held in a pocket of trapped air by seawater underneath, that air has to get out while water rushes in from a lower level pressured by an outside source of seawater.

    • P.S. I work in the oil and gas industry in the Permian and am only on s09e12 benge watching this fantastic program. You guys remind me of me and my brothers. I love your professionalism and love for people.
      I would love more than anything to be out there with you guys and Alex (sorry, he’s my favorite, fantastic attitude). This is right down my alley.
      My love for puzzles and figuring things out has always attracted me to things like this.
      Please feel free to write back

  15. I would like to see a 3D “map” of where all the drilling (small boar and large) where there has been wood found, what depths and what kind of wood (searcher or original) and if it appears to be “tunnel” wood or shaft structure, and see if it begins to present a “map” of the directions of the tunnels. That might be very enlightening. I thought of that when there was the episode with the “mapping” with the device that looks under the ground. Ultimately if they could discern the direction of tunnels that could be very helpful.
    Beyond that, while this entire show has been fascinating, it does not make sense to me that a project that took MANY people over a period of time to build and place treasure, with so many people involved, so many who knew of an amazing treasure, that NONE of them ever came back to retrieve it, quietly, carefully, so as to not cause any notice. We see how much effort the Laginas are going through, how much effort would it be for people who KNEW exactly where it was and how to avoid the boobytraps?

  16. Hi Im your local armchair treasure hunter,,wanting to add something,,you have found lots of stuff there,and you have some swages for sharpening chisels and chisels to chip stone,,and you have been drilling and digging in dirt. Have you thought that the so called vault is actually bedrock that was drilled into and got chips of gold? your tunnels go to somewhere that leads to a tunnel or vault in the BEDROCK. that drill went through a cap or the top of an area that was dug out of the rock. Good Luck fellas!

  17. The can that went down S9 E23 passed through a void, why didn’t you raise the can 10 feet or so and send down a camera of a diver? You could have found the money pit and just been on a side of it, but without looking you’ll never know.

  18. Have you ever investigated the initiation well in Portugal. It’s 90 feet deep and has tunnels spreading out from it at the bottom. It was built by the templars in the middle ages. Sounds and looks like Oak Island to me.


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