The Kominsky Method Season 2 brings a War of the Roses reunion with Kathleen Turner

Michael Douglas at A Paley Honors Luncheon on left, Kathleen Turner at the ''Downton Abbey'' New York Premiere on right
Michael Douglas at A Paley Honors Luncheon on the left, Kathleen Turner at the ”Downton Abbey” New York Premiere on the right. Pic credit:

The Kominsky Method Season 2 returned this weekend with more episodes that hit the funny bone as well as the heartstrings.

The new season brings back all the familiar faces, including Michael Douglas, Alan Arkin, Sarah Baker, and many more. However, the second season has a lot of surprise additions on its roster.

For example, Paul Reiser of Mad About You plays a vital role throughout the second installment. Also, fans of the ’90s series Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman will be surprised to see Jane Seymour, who still looks stunning for being 68.

However, the series return marks an epic reunion for the ages, and after all these years, the romantic tension between Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner is palpable.

That’s right, The War of the Roses strikes again in The Kominsky Method Season 2.

Kathleen Turner in The Kominsky Method Season 2

For those in the dark about the 1989 film, this may not seem like a big deal. However, for the rest of us who witnessed The War of the Roses, this is truly epic. It’s the cinematic equivalent of watching Evander Holyfield rematch Mike Tyson. The fight will be ugly, entertaining, and most likely, someone will get their ear bit off.

In the show, Turner once again plays Douglas’s wife, Ruth (well, ex-wife rather), and the two exchange a phone call concerning their daughter Mindy, who is dating an older man.

During the conversation, the divorced couple takes small jabs and swipes at one another, and the dialogue is a significant wink to the fans who have seen them do this before.

One of the best moments in their conversational jousting has Michael Douglas asking, “How did I not put a pillow over your head when I had the chance?” To which she responds, “You didn’t have the balls.”

The timing of their reunion is significant as well, with it coming up on the 30th anniversary since the film hit theaters on December 4, 1989. One can hope maybe director Danny Devito might deliver a rerelease of the film to mark the occasion.

Either way, seeing these two performers spar against each other even just briefly was one of the best aspects of Season 2, and let’s hope we see more of their friendly rivalry in the future.

The Kominsky Method season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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