The Hardy Boys Season 2 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out?

The Hardy Boys Season 2 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out?
Alexander Elliot and Rohan Campbell the Hardy Boys on Hulu. Pic credit: Hulu

One of the most popular young adult series in history received an original Hulu series in 2020, as The Hardy Boys returned with a very new look.

While the original Hardy Boys series saw teenage sleuths, Frank and Joe Hardy, solving mysteries, but this new series added a supernatural slant to the action. The CW did the same with spinoff Nancy Drew.

It also ended with hints for the future, making fans cross their fingers for a second season of the series.

Here is everything we know so far about The Hardy Boys Season 2.

This article provides everything that is known about The Hardy Boys Season 2 and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s dig down into what is known so far.

  • June 20, 2021 – Updated with renewal confirmation.

Is there going to be a Season 2 of The Hardy Boys?

Updated on June 20, 2021

Variety reported on June 17 that Hulu renewed Hardy Boys for a second season.

The second season will air both on Hulu in the United States and YTV in Canada.

“It’s no mystery that ‘The Hardy Boys’ has captured audiences of all ages around the world,” said Pam Westman, president of Nelvana.

“We are excited to work with Lambur, Hulu, and Corus again on a new high-stakes case for the Hardy Boys gang, as they race against the clock to uncover the truth of a mysterious disappearance.”


A second season of The Hardy Boys is not a sure thing.

Hulu takes a little longer than Netflix to announce renewals, and since The Hardy Boys came out in December 2020, it has only been just three months since it premiered on the streaming service.

When, and if, Hulu renews The Hardy Boys, we will update this article with all the important information.

Release date latest: When does The Hardy Boys Season 2 come out?

Season 1 of The Hardy Boys hit Hulu on December 4, 2020. If Hulu decides to renew it, there is little chance that it could hit that same release date in 2021 due to the still fluctuating filming schedules amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

When the show was renewed, Variety reported that it woul.d hit in 2022, with production starting in June 2021.

We will update this page with information about the expected release date when Hulu reveals it.

“We’re just gonna get a blank piece of paper at Christmas and put all of our Season 2 wishes on it,” Rohan Campbell (Frank) told Collider in an interview. “It ends pretty open and there are a lot of places that we can go with it, especially because it’s the first time we see the boys become The Hardy boys. There are a lot of open doors for them.”

The Hardy Boys Season 2 cast updates

If The Hardy Boys is renewed, the main cast members will surely return.

That includes Alexander Elliot as Joe Hardy and Rohan Campbell as older brother Frank.

James Tupper played their dad, Fenton, in Season 1. Linda Thorson, who played grandmother Gloria Esterbrook, is in jail, but that does not mean she is finished with her grandsons.

The Hardy Boys’ friends should also return. This means Keana Lyn as Callie Shaw, Riley O’Donnell as Biff Hooper, Adam Swain as Chet Morton, Cristian Perri as Phil Cohen, and Rachel Drance as Stacy Baker. 

Jennifer Hsiung should be back as Officer Jesse Hooper, now out from under the thumb of the evil Ezra Collig. Finally, Atticus Mitchell will almost surely be back as J.B. Cox.

The Hardy Boys Season 2 spoilers

The first season of The Hardy Boys ended with the mystery of who killed their mother, Laura Hardy (Janet Porter), an event that turned their lives upside down.

This led Frank and Joe into a mystery in Bridgeport that involved an artifact known as the Eye. It is a supernatural artifact that was broken into three parts, but when combined, it is very powerful.

The opposition in Season 1 was the Circle, an evil organization that controls the three pieces and wants to reunite them in the cave where it was found.

The Hardy family wants to stop them and avenge the death of their mother, Laura. They partially succeeded, as the Eye was reformed, but a cave in buried it deep, as the Hardy family escaped.

However, there was a twist at the end when a military unit re-excavated the tunnels and the Eye was still there, intact, and clearly not finished with the Hardy family yet.

There was also one other moment that could play into the next season concerning the Eye. Frank made eye contact with it and some of its mystical energy went into the older Hardy brother, giving him some mystical powers.

He was able to see his mother’s last day before her death and he saw her killer. Now, it looked like that was it for his powers, but there is a chance that something could remain in Frank.

Other changes include the jailing of Frank and Joe’s grandmother Gloria for murder, and she could still be able to pull some strings from behind bars.

The biggest mystery is who has gotten the Eye and what do they place planned for it? These are all the mysteries that could carry over to The Hardy Boys Season 2.

There are also relationship developments that could play out, including Joe’s relationship with J.B. Cox, who has lied to him every step of the way. On the romantic side, there is Frank and Callie, who shared their first kiss.

Plus, no one can forget about Aunt Trudy and Officer Jesse Hooper.

With all that, there is plenty for The Hardy Boys Season 2 to cover.

Hulu has yet to announce when The Hardy Boys Season 2 will premiere.

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Hallie Pasch
Hallie Pasch
2 years ago

Cult favorite among us Gen X’s & fun to watch with our millennials. Excellent job renewing the series with fresh eyes.

2 years ago

So far the Hardy Boys is good to watch. However, I just hope that the creators of the show don’t put very much LGBTQ in it. Personally I think it’s bad enough that’s it’s in all the other tv shows.

terry hampton
terry hampton
2 years ago
Reply to  Danielle

it a good show but i do think LGBTQ will hurt it

terry hampton
terry hampton
2 years ago

they should do aunt Trudy/J.B. Cox that be cool