The Good Karma Hospital is a wonderfully offbeat drama

Amrita Acharia as Doctor Ruby Walker in The Good Karma Hospital
Amrita Acharia as Doctor Ruby Walker in The Good Karma Hospital

The Good Karma Hospital is a new British medical drama set in Southern India.

When junior doctor Ruby Walker leaves the UK after a breakup for a fresh start at the Good Karma Hospital she finds herself working in worse conditions than she is used to with a back-to-basics approach to medicine.

ITV1’s new medical drama gets off to a strong start with some great performances from Amanda Redman and Amrita Acharia heading up a strong cast.

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This first episode follows Ruby’s first day in an under-funded and poorly staffed public hospital in Southern India.

Right from the start Ruby is thrown into the front line of providing primary care to the local community and this first episode sees her having to deliver a baby, which winds up having a heart problem.

Complicating things further is the fact that the father didn’t want another girl.

Ruby seems to settle into her first day at the hospital, but it isn’t made easy for her due to the fact that Dr. Gabriel Varma (James Floyd) is far from welcoming. The last thing he needs is another wet-behind-the-ears junior doctor.

Thankfully Varma’s opinion is not mirrored by Dr. Lydia Fonseca (Amanda Redman) who chooses to try and mentor Ruby.

The episode features some fantastic photography and is a brilliant travelogue for anyone wanting to visit India.

We particularly enjoyed the soundtrack, which mixed a little Bangra with more contemporary keyboards and choral sounds.

Amrita Acharia is wonderful and gives a likeable performance as Ruby and has some wonderful scenes with Amanda Redman.

The Good Karma Hospital is a six part drama, which airs every Sunday evening at 9PM UK time on ITV.

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