The Expanse: Conspiracy and tragedy persist in The Weeping Somnambulist

The Expanse: Holden and Naomi question Dr. Meng
Holden and Naomi question Dr. Prax Meng about his work on Ganymede

On the heels of a Season 3 renewal, Syfy’s magnificent space opera, The Expanse, blasts forward with its ninth episode.

The description for The Weeping Somnambulist says that “As conspiracies unravel on Earth, desperate moves outside Jupiter result in tragedy”.

We are in the back half of the season now and are getting deeper into the system-spanning conspiracy. Every time the audience and protagonists think they have untangled the web, the narrative expands and becomes more intricate.

On the last episode, the crew of the Rocinante set out to investigate the events on Ganymede station. In tow they are bringing newly introduced Dr. Prax Meng.

Holden and Naomi hope this botanist can help them find a ProtoGen employee who may know more about the protomolecule.

In turn, Prax hopes to find his missing daughter, Mei. This show continues to introduce new characters from different parts of the solar system and brings them together in interesting ways.

As a result, we see how this conspiracy negatively impacts everyone in the solar system and the toll it takes on the shared burden of peace.

In a preview clip released on YouTube, Martian Marine Sergeant Bobbie Draper has arrived on Earth. There she is testifying about the events on Ganymede while being compelled to stick to the story by her superiors.

Earth-based companies and politicians are at the heart of the conspiracy and expert politician Avasarala is attempting to uncover the truth while outmaneuvering her adversaries.

Martian Marine Bobbie Draper has no such experience. In the universe of The Expanse, celestial heritage matters more than anything.

Therefore cooperation is often seen as a sign of weakness. So the intensely loyal Sgt. Draper must weigh that patriotism against her honor and integrity.

Much like in Game of Thrones, political allegiances often complicate doing the right thing and consequently leave everyone ill-prepared to face existential threats.

The Expanse airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Syfy. 

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