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The entire Samurai Jack series is free to watch for those in isolation

The entire Samurai Jack series is free to watch for those in isolation
Samurai Jack is free for fans thanks to Adult Swim. Pic credit: Akuinator/YouTube

Fans who are quarantined through a stay-at-home order or are just self-isolating for their safety are likely going stir crazy right now, trying to find something to do.

Adult Swim has the perfect gift for you.

The entire series of Samurai Jack — one of the best cartoons of the century — is now up on the Adult Swim website and is free to stream for everyone.

Samurai Jack free to stream

Adult Swim has made the entire run of Samurai Jack available for human consumption on their website. Just head on over to Adult Swim’s Samurai Jack page and all the episodes are available there to click on and watch.

There are some ads, with a short one in the start and a 90-second break in the middle of the episode, but this is a small price to pay for all this goodness.

The announcement came via Twitter where Adult Swim revealed a special present to those of us stuck inside with nowhere to go and nothing to do.

“All episodes of Samurai Jack are now free on our app and site. Perfect for watching from the shadows.”

With five seasons and 62 episodes at 22 minutes each, this should keep many of us occupied for two or three days, depending on how much sleep we get in between.

It is available in all countries.

What is Samurai Jack?

For those who have been living under a rock, or at least for those born since the turn of the century, Samurai Jack is an animated series that changed the way people made cartoons.

It tells the story of a samurai (Phil LaMarr) who travels forward in time to the future because of an evil overlord, Aku.

It is now up to this samurai, Jack, to find a way to return to the past and reverse the damage caused by the evil Aku. He teams up with several allies as he battles Aku’s henchmen before he can finally stop the overlord and return to his own time.

The animation was like nothing fans had seen before.

Genndy Tartakovsky made this cartoon his own with his signature style, following his extremely successful cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory. Tartakovsky was also one of the top creators of the Powerpuff Girls cartoon and also worked on Batman: The Animated Series.

Since ending Samurai Jack, Tartakovsky went on to make Star Wars: Clone Wars. He also directed the three Hotel Transylvania movies.

The series won eight Primetime Emmy Awards and six Anny Awards throughout its run.

Added to other great free events — such as the Elton John concert on Fox and the free Garth Brooks concert on Facebook Live — it seems that celebrities are doing their part to help us get through the boredom of isolation.

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