The Dead Files return date: When will Season 11 debut?

Steve doing an interview for The Dead Files.
Steve DiSchiavi did a lot of investigations for Season 11. Pic credit: The Travel Channel

The Dead Files is coming back with a brand new season. Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan will be bringing new cases to the forefront and some of them will hit the creepy factor rather quickly.

Viewers have been waiting anxiously since earlier this year when it was announced that filming for the new season had begun. Now, fans will get to watch as Season 11 brings brand new cases for the duo to work through.

When will The Dead Files return to the Travel Channel?

The all-new episodes of The Dead Files Season 11 will begin airing July 11 on The Travel Channel. Both Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan will travel around the country and try to help the people who have reached out to them about hauntings on their property.

Where will the episodes take place?

On social media, Steve DiSchiavi has shared some photos from location shoots. It looks like the Midwest had a lot of need for The Dead Files crew as there were photos from Chicago, Ohio, and Pittsburgh. There was also some filming done in New Orleans as well.

It looks like the new season will be bringing a lot of diversity to viewers. The way that Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi work on cases together is amazing and it is one of the things that keeps fans coming back for more. From the medium aspect of the case to the actual evidence provided by research and interviews, The Dead Files is one of a kind.

The Dead Files returns with Season 11 on July 11 at 10/9c on the Travel Channel.

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