The Dead Files investigates terrifying poltergeist in Magna, Utah

The Dead Files
The Dead Files head to Magna, Utah, to investigate a poltergeist

This week on The Dead Files, Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan head to Magna, Utah, to investigate a terrifying poltergeist.

A family living in Magna, Utah, are being terrorised by a dangerous poltergeist and the intrepid investigators from The Dead Files are keen to help.

Amy soon detects a dangerous presence that she thinks is being made manifest the the various people living in the home. Is their energy somehow feeding this paranormal event?

Meantime, Steve looks into the history of the town and finds that the copper mining that went on here for decades left quite a mark on the environment and the workers who suffered some pretty extreme conditions.

Will they be able to set this poltergeist to rest?

Watch The Dead Files – Fear Lives Here – Magna, Utah at 10:00 PM on Travel Channel.

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