The Dead Files investigates supernatural goings-on in Lake City

The Dead Files
Steve is a stickler for details on The Dead Files, tonight he and Amy head to Lake City

Tonight on The Dead Files – Steve and Amy head to Lake City, Fla., where a murder in a family seems to be causing some paranormal activity.

The supernatural sleuths are told the client’s mother was actually killed in the house by another member of the family.

Amy, operating separate from Steve, comes across a strange force. She believes some sort of supernatural entity is present and that it can persuade people to perform violent actions.

The show follows former NYC detective Steve DiSchiavi  and clairvoyant Amy Allen as they look into cases of paranormal activity across America.

What makes the show a bit different is that they split the investigation up with Steve taking on the background and history of the place and Amy surveying it for any unusual presence.

Only at the end do they come together and compare notes, then deliver their often disturbing report to the client.

Watch The Dead Files – Deadly Relations tonight at 10 PM on Travel Channel.

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