The Curse of Oak Island: Team make startling discovery at Smith’s Cove

Laird Niven and Marty Lagina discuss the find on The Curse of Oak Island. Pic credit: History

Startling new evidence uncovered at Smith’s Cove on the next episode of The Curse of Oak Island brings the fellowship of the dig closer than ever to unraveling the enigmatic mysteries that lay hidden below the island’s surface.

Now that the cofferdam at Smith’s Cove has been erected the team are uncovering amazing finds. But what they discover next below sea level no one could have imagined!

On the next episode the team comes upon a previously undiscovered formation that just may lead them to the legendary but elusive flood tunnels. And, could unearthed evidence bring with it more clues about the cryptic “u” shaped structure?

It was back in the 1970s that Oak Island legend Dan Blankenship unearthed a mysterious object he termed the u-shaped structure. If this is indeed the answer to the riddle, it will have been a long time in coming.

On the preview for Season 6 Episode 9, “As Above, So Below,” all the usual suspects are hard at work trying to unravel the riddles that for centuries have brought treasure hunters to Oak Island.

Rick Lagina says simply, “It’s time to dig,” while Gary Drayton is hard at work swinging his infamous metal detector across a large watery mass. When his wand starts beeping like crazy he remarks, “that’s a good sign with so many targets in the one area.”

But what could perhaps be the biggest find takes everyone by surprise. The team is using a combination of heavy equipment and old fashioned elbow grease to excavate when someone yells, “whoa!” followed by the hopeful remarks that they have found a structure that is “thick enough to be a wall.”

The startling find brings Marty Lagina down deep into the muck where he’s informed that they have uncovered, “Quite a significant wall.” As the team look on with amazement, Jack Begley asks, “are we starting to get into the French drain?”

In a separate clip, archaeologist Laird Niven say, “This definitely on any map.” Marty Lagina replies, “No, this is a new find. This is totally undiscovered.”

Rick Lagina tells producers, “It’s a game-changer. There’s something strange about it. What is this structure? Who built it? For what purpose? When? Those are the questions we hope to answer.”

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

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