The Curse of Oak Island takes on new twists with discovery of book binding and chest-shaped hole

Jack Begley on The Curse of Oak Island
Jack Begley and the rectangular depression he finds on the next The Curse of Oak Island

Season 5 of The Curse of Oak Island is set to take on more incredible twists on the next episode — with tests showing one of the team’s finds to be part of a book, and the discovery of a chest-shaped hole which appears to have concrete in it.

The sneak peek for Season 5 Episode 7, titled The Lot Thickens, comes ahead of an eight-minute preview airing tonight on History. In the sneak peek we see Rick and Marty Lagina along with partner Craig Tester at St Mary’s University as one of the objects they have discovered undergoes tests.

Parts of the same scene were also shown at the end of the latest episode. In it expert Dr. Christa Brosseau saying as she points at something on a screen: “Wow, this is really interesting.” When Marty asks what it is, she replies: “It’s a piece of book binding.” Marty adds: “We need to pursue this one.”

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It’s thought the object could be one of the items found last episode by team members Jack Begley and Dan Henskee in the spoils of the H-8 borehole the team recently dug. One was a piece of what they thought looked like leather, while another was an item which looked like parchment.

The discovery of the book binding comes after a string of remarkable finds already in the H-8 spoils including human bones, one with soft tissue and hairs on it, and several pieces of pottery.

The last episode revealed that further tests are set to take place on the bones to try and discover more about their origins. The episode also saw Marty Lagina tell brother Rick — who was suffering from Lyme disease at the time — that everything they had found so far pointed to the H-8 borehole being the location of the original Money Pit.

In another twist, the new sneak peek for next week’s episode also includes a scene where Jack Begley leads several members of the team to a rectangular-shaped depression he has found in a forested area of the island. He says as he uncovers it: “It’s a really good size for a chest!”

Part of the same scene was also shown at the end of the latest episode, and saw archaeologist Laird Niven saying he didn’t believe the depression looked natural.

But as they try to excavate it, Marty’s son Alexa Lagina calls things to a halt when he spots something at the bottom, saying: “Hold up, I think there’s concrete down there.”

Season 5 has so far included a huge number of new discoveries for the team, and has given them a large number of new leads to explore. As was shown at the end of the latest episode, next week also sees a connection to Sir Francis Drake bing discussed.

In case you missed it, you can read our full recap of the latest episode here. Also make sure to read our exclusive interview with producer Joe Lessard, where he delves into what goes on behind the scenes on The Curse of Oak Island and gives a few juicy hints about what’s to come.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History. Tonight’s eight-minute preview airs at 10.03pm after a new episode of American Pickers.

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