The Curse of Oak Island Drilling Down special: Huge discovery teased – Did they find treasure?

Rick Lagina in the War Room on Curse of Oak Island
Rick Lagina can’t believe his ears when he is told they must keep digging now. Pic credit: HISTORY

On a special episode of The Curse of Oak Island, Matty Blake joins Rick and Marty Lagina and members of their treasure hunting team in Michigan to hear the jaw-dropping results of the seismic testing performed in the swamp.

In other words, hold on to your acorns, the dig isn’t over yet!

What has necessitated a revisiting of Oak Island, after the airing of the show’s Season 6 finale last week? In a very special Drilling Down, the team gathers together once again because there are incredible new findings to report and the results are so groundbreaking, it couldn’t wait until next year!

What exactly are the shocking new discoveries bolstering the claim that the biggest breakthrough in Oak Island history has transpired?

Let’s just say that after hearing the revelations of the seismic testing, Matty declares, “You need to dig now!”

Rick responds, “Ok boys, it’s time to get dirty!”

When the seismic expert proclaims with ironic understatement that the data he is about to divulge is “interesting” the team has no idea of the bombshells about to drop. For starters, the expert points out what he calls, “the Highland anomaly, like a door to stairs to a basement.”

Is he referring to a previously undisclosed location where a door opens directly to the Money Pit treasure that has been lying hidden for 223 years?

But wait, there’s more!

Next, the expert describes what he terms, “a swamp anomaly.”

Marty responds, “Holy smokes.”

The expert says the feature, “doesn’t look natural.”

Marty wants to know, “would it be s-h-i-p?!”

And, there is a very special tribute to the late Dan Blankenship included in the episode.

“You can’t have Oak Island without Dan Blankenship,” says Rick, clearly moved by strong emotion.

Of the larger than life individual, Marty says with much affection, “He was salty as can be!”

And, summing up what can only be described as the collective wish of all the team members, Dan’s son Dave Blankenship says, “hopefully we can find something for him.”

Will this very special episode reveal that the team has indeed finally found the one thing that can bring closure to Dan’s incredible, lifelong journey? Has the dream of finding treasure on Oak Island finally become reality?

Be sure to tune in and find out!

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on HISTORY. 

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