The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 exclusive: Surveys point to hidden metal on the island

Rick and Marty Lagina
We have an exclusive preview into the season 8 strategy Zoom call for Curse of Oak Island. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island finally returns to our screens next week as brothers Marty and Rick Lagina continue in their quest to solve the riddle of Oak Island — and Monsters & Critics has an exclusive clip from the Season 8 premiere.

The sneak peek footage is a telling sign of the times, as the Laginas hold a Zoom call with their team to strategize their plan of attack with COVID-19 having altered their production schedule.

The global pandemic impacted the start of filming on the series, like many other shows on television. However, in the clip, we see the brothers catch up with the rest of the Oak Island team via video conferencing, discussing interesting theories and potential discoveries to come.

They are all getting excited to be back together and return to the island, hopefully, to uncover the Oak Island mystery. Despite the disruption caused by COVID-19, it looks like Season 8 yields some very exciting results.

Our exclusive sneak peek shows Oak Island researcher Doug Crowell discuss two historic surveys previously carried out by two treasure-hunters on the island, Fred Nolan and Dan Blankenship, which were never followed up.

That’s despite the fact both surveys indicated underground tunnels — including one that potentially leads directly to the island’s famed Money Pit.

One of the surveys also indicated four possible targets of buried non-ferrous metals, which as the team’s metal-detecting expert Gary Drayton points out, could include gold.

Rick and Marty Lagina
Marty and Rick in our exclusive preview into the team strategy Zoom call at the start of The Curse of Oak Island Season 8. Pic credit: History

Meet the COOI Season 8 team

Our clip also serves as an introduction to the Season 8 team, with the Zoom call hosted by Marty and Rick Lagina, Craig Tester, Jack Begley, and Alex Lagina.

They are joined via video conferencing by Tom Nolan, son of Fred Nolan, as well as Gary Drayton, Dan Henskee, Steve Guptill, archaeologist Laird Niven, Doug Crowell, Oak Island Tours’ project manager Scott Barlow,  Paul Troutman, Billy Gerhardt, Oak Island historian Charles Barkhouse, geoscientist Dr. Ian Spooner, and geologist Terry Matheson.

Curse of Oak Island background

The first episode of COOI aired on January 5, 2014, after the Lagina brothers previously purchased part of Oak Island to search for treasure.

Executive producer Kevin Burns, who tragically passed away this year, enlisted the famous narrator Robert Clotworthy to talk fans through the treasure-hunting team’s exploits.

The island, which lies off the coast of Nova Scotia in Canada, has lured in explorers and treasure-hunters for more than 200 years — and has links to everyone from former presidents (Franklin D. Roosevelt) to pirates (Francis Drake), with hidden secrets always waiting to be peeled away.

Rick and Marty, brothers from Michigan, have been obsessed with it since childhood.

It is believed the island could be hiding many untold treasures, based on links to the Knights Templar and pirates’ fondness for its remote locale.

Thus far, six people have perished while searching for its secrets, and the so-called curse alleges that seven must die before the treasure is found.

In recent years, the Lagina brothers have made some discoveries on Oak Island, including a stunning rhodolite garnet estimated to be 500 years old and a medieval cross made of lead with a square hole at the top estimated to have been made between 1200 and 1600.

Another of the team’s most intriguing discoveries was human bones, which some believed to have Middle Eastern ancestry.

The Curse of Oak Island continues to be the No. 1 non-fiction series on cable TV. Tune in over the weeks ahead to follow the team as they continue to unravel the island’s centuries-old mysteries.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 premieres on Tuesday, Nov. 10, at 9/8c on History.

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Perché la stagione 8 e’ ferma e non e’ più possibile vedere gli episodi??