The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 confirmed: Show to return after bombshell new leads

Matty Blake and The Curse of Oak Island team
Matty Blake discusses the new findings with The Curse of Oak Island team. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 has been officially confirmed — after the final Drilling Down episode of the latest season saw host Matty Blake reveal that the team would be back.

The special episode, entitled Legacy, saw viewers left on the edge of their seats as new findings from seismic tests were brought to light. It also included a long-awaited and special tribute to the late Dan Blankenship.

Then, in a massive surprise for fans, as the episode drew to a close Matty told viewers how Dan’s legacy would continue to live on — as the team would be returning “more determined than ever” to solve the centuries old mystery.

He said in a voiceover, as footage played of the team searching the swamp: “Season 6 was the best so far. Get ready to be blown away. Dan Blankenship’s legacy lives on, as Rick, Marty and the team return to Oak Island more determined than ever to solve this 224-year-old mystery.

“They’ll get down and dirty to search the swamp for extraordinary objects, and return to the infamous Money Pit in a go-for-broke effort to find the legendary treasure vault.

“During the past six years Rick and Marty have found some amazing pieces to this enormous puzzle, and they’ve explored many compelling theories. But as far as Oak Island team is concerned, they’re just getting started. Get ready for Season 7!”

It is usually several weeks or months after the end of a season before a new The Curse of Oak Island season is announced. But on his Instagram, Matty confirmed, “WE’LL SEE YOU SOON FOR SEASON 7.”

Just what was the bombshell news that apparently convinced the team that a Season 7 was a non-negotiable proposition?

During the Drilling Down episode officials of Eagle Canada traveled to Travis City, Michigan, to inform the team that previous seismic testing results were in and they had found four shocking anomalies: including two so-called Highland anomalies, and a Connector anomaly, all clues that point to the Money Pit area.

However the fourth anomaly, in the Oak Island swamp, was the most jaw-dropping revelation. “A very unusual object,” around 250 feet long was found there, and Marty said what everyone was thinking when he suggested it could be a “S-H-I-P.”

He was referring to the late Fred Nolan’s idea that the swamp was man-made, possibly to hide a ship.

The new anomaly is just below sea level, and has sharp, defined edges. Additional drone photography revealed that the anomaly lies within a high point in the swamp.

During the episode it was theorized that coring through the object might be the way to go as a means of getting closer to finding out what the object is. Based on footage which played at the end of the episode, it also appeared that the team may already have taken steps to reach the anomaly.

Could it be that a Season 7 opens with history-making news which alters everything we thought we knew about Oak Island? Based on the what we saw, it definitely could be!

The Curse of Oak Island is expected to return for Season 7 in the fall.

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