The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 finale date confirmed by History

Marty and Rick Lagina on The Curse of Oak Island
Marty and Rick Lagina, whose final efforts of the season are still to come on The Curse of Oak Island

The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 finale date has been confirmed to Monsters and Critics by History.

The show will take a one-week break next week (February 13) due to the Winter Olympics, but will return the week after.

A special episode, The Templar Connection — looking at the history of the Knights Templar and the Templar links to Oak Island found so far — will air next Tuesday in place of a normal episode.

The next episode in Season 5, Episode 514, will then air on February 20, with Episode 515 airing the week after on February 27.

The Season 5 finale will then air on March 6, with a special Drilling Down episode recapping the season being broadcast the week after on March 13.

Here is the schedule for the rest of the season in full, as confirmed by History:

2/13 = *break for the Olympics*

2/20 = Episode 514

2/27 = Episode 515

3/6 = Episode 516 *season finale*

3/13 = Drilling Down episode – season recap

The next episode in the season, 514, is titled Steel Trapped. The description reads: “It’s all hands on deck in the Money Pit as the team hits something in the DMT shaft that may prove to be the last thing standing between it and the answers below.

“Meanwhile, Gary Drayton strikes again when he zeros in on a find that could be a key piece of a missing treasure chest.”

It’s thought the possible piece of a treasure chest could be the decorative keyhole that was shown in the sneak peek at the end of the latest episode.

The preview also showed a camera being lowered down into the DMT shaft to try to find out what the obstruction is that the team hit under ground, and which managed to break off several metal teeth from their 60in steel caisson.

Separate footage also appeared to show the shaft flooding with water next episode, with Rick Lagina looking on in despair.

Meanwhile, a theory was also shown being presented that the mysterious medieval cross found by Gary Drayton at Smith’s Cove could have been one of a type used to smuggle gold.

It comes after the last episode saw New York-based historian Zena Halpern discuss the possibility that the cross could be a representation of the Punic and Phoenician goddess Tanit rather than a Christian crucifix.

The latest episode also saw two metal hinges found in what is believed to be an ancient dump site on Lot 12 of the island, one of the four owned by late treasure hunter Fred Nolan’s family.

Gary Drayton said he believed they were of the type found on chests or boxes.

Meanwhile, Rick Lagina discovered a stake in the apex of the Oak Island swamp which matched the description of stakes Fred Nolan previously found there and which he believed were old survey markers that proved the swamp was man-made.

Some believe Oak Island actually used to be two islands and the swamp — which has a distinctive triangular shape — was built to hide something, possibly a sunken pirate shift, treasure, or even a secret entrance to the island’s famous Money Pit.

In 1969, Fred and Dan Blankenship had one of the stakes carbon-dated and it is said to have come back as being from 1575 plus or minus 85 years.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History. 

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