The Curse of Oak Island: Rick Lagina arrives on island as 2018 treasure hunt begins

Rick Lagina with newlyweds Bernard and Natalie Rousselle on Oak Island
Rick Lagina takes time out to pose for a photo with newlyweds Bernard and Natalie Rousselle while they visited Oak Island this week

The Curse of Oak Island’s treasure-hunting operations for 2018 have begun — after Rick Lagina and other members of the team arrived on the island, along with vast amounts of equipment.

Rick took time out to pose with fans this week, including newlyweds Bernard and Natalie Rousselle who were visiting the area while on honeymoon from New Brunswick.

Natalie told Monsters and Critics how Rick was all smiles and joked with them about whether they had a map of where the treasure was.

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She said: “We were on a brief honeymoon and decided to go see Oak Island again. We had been there a couple of years ago at the same time but they were closed. When we got there the gift shop was open and we were inside looking for tours. The 2018 tours were sold out in two hours.

“We bought some souvenirs and were on our way when my husband Bernard spotted Rick and started running towards him. He was so excited as he has been a huge fan of the show since the beginning. Since then I have gradually been becoming a fan as well.

“Rick was very welcoming, shook our hands and asked the creator of the show to take our picture. He then joked around and asked if we had the map of where the treasure was. It was such a good encounter. He is as friendly in person as he is on the show. When we took the pic he made us say “Treasure”!

Fan Courtney Spencer also met Rick on the island this week, and posted a photo of her encounter on Instagram with the caption: “I’ll die happy now!”

Craig Tester and Jack Begley were also spotted on the island, and posed for a photo with two young fans who were on a tour of the area with their family.

Karen Publicover, who lives across the causeway from Oak Island, told how filming for the show began earlier this month, when a drone used to film aerial shots was spotted in the air on May 11, before a convoy of trucks arrived that same day.

Drone cinematography company Atlantic AerialworX also posted an image of the Oak Island interpretive centre on their Instagram, saying: “Back on set filming season six of The Curse of Oak Island.”

Nova Scotian company CFM, who provide a range of services from custom metal fabrication to custom machining, also visited the island, as shown in these pics from Karen’s Oak Island From The Other Side of The Causeway Facebook page.

More equipment then began arriving yesterday, including rollers and excavation machinery, while work was also being carried out on docks next to the causeway.

The arrival of the equipment comes after several severe nor’easter storms battered the island over the winter.

The treasure-hunt usually stops every winter when cold weather makes searching efforts more difficult, and several members of the team have been away from the island until now. Marty Lagina was seen last month at his Mari Vineyards winery near Traverse City, Michigan.

The Curse of Oak Island is set to return for Season 6 in the fall, after a string of incredible discoveries were made during Season 5. They included a rhodolite garnet brooch and a medieval lead cross — which executive producer Kevin Burns recently told us appears to date from at least the 1300s or earlier.

Other major discoveries last season included human bones and pearlware pottery in the Money Pit area.

The arrival of equipment on the island comes as legendary treasure hunter and Oak Island team member Dan Blankenship celebrated his 95th birthday this week.

History yesterday confirmed to Monsters and Critics that filming for Season 6 was under way.

The Curse of Oak Island is expected to return in the fall.

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