The Curse of Oak Island preview: There’s a booby trap at the Garden Shaft, and another camera down Aladdin’s Cave

Rick Lagina smiling in the War Room of Oak Island
Oak Island leader Rick Lagina is super hopeful they’ll find something this season. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island returns tonight as the guys encounter a concerning problem at the Garden Shaft that may be an “ancient booby trap.”

And the team will continue to explore the Aladdin’s Cave anomaly to determine if the underground cavern is a natural phenomenon or a human structure built by treasure depositors.

This installment will be Season 11, Episode 7, and we’ll finally get to see Marty and Rick Lagina head underground back down the Garden Shaft after waiting weeks for planning permits and for the Dumas Mining company to excavate.

Unfortunately, it seems like there may be a problem. The Dumas guys have been hoping to expand the shaft by going deeper, taking the depth to about 98 feet in the first phase of the operation.

But a preview for tonight’s episode showed a large quantity of water pouring down the walls of the shaft.

A Dumas representative told Rick and Marty they were encountering a lot of water, which was “crazy.” Marty can be heard saying, “I don’t like the sound of that.”

Has the Oak Island team hit an infamous flood tunnel at the Garden Shaft?

Alarm bells will be ringing with long-term viewers as it’s well-known that treasure hunters on Oak Island have long been plagued by flood tunnels. This so-called security system is thought to be a series of booby traps that cause key tunnels, structures, and shafts to fill with seawater once a certain depth is triggered.

Marty and Rick will be concerned that the Dumas miners may have hit one of these flood tunnels which will seriously hamper further excavation of the area.

The History Channel episode synopsis reads:

“When Rick and Marty finally get underground in the Garden Shaft for the first time this year, they may be foiled by an ancient booby trap.”

The Oak Island crew put another camera into Aladdin’s Cave in the Money Pit area

Elsewhere, the guys put another camera down a borehole into the so-called Aladdin’s Cave, where they hope to find a human-made secret chamber 160 feet below the surface of the Money Pit area.

Last week, the guys placed a camera and a sonar detector down a borehole into the cavern, hoping to tell if it was natural or human-made. The results were somewhat inconclusive. And due to the sloping angle of the cavern floor, they couldn’t see what was at the bottom.

The guys planned to drill again a few feet further away to get a look at the elusive bottom. The preview for tonight’s show featured great excitement from the team as a camera surveyed the murky waters.

There were lots of “ohs” and “aahs” as the guys howled with shock and surprise. At one point, someone, probably project manager Scott Barlow, pointed at the screen and shouted, “Oh my God, look at that.”

Hopefully, the guys have encountered evidence of human-made structures, or even better, they’ve actually sighted real treasure.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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7 months ago

Great update and exciting as ever, looking forward to your next post.