The Curse of Oak Island preview: The guys discover silver treasure on Lot 5

Jack Begley smiling on Oak Island
Jack Begley is super excited when the team uncovers a silver piece on Oak Island’s Lot 5. Pic credit: History

There is great excitement on The Curse of Oak Island this week, as the team finds an authentic silver artifact at the rectangular stone feature on Lot 5.

Tonight’s show is Season 11, Episode 19, of The Curse of Oak Island, and the episode is titled Hi Ho Silver, a not-so-subtle clue that they will find a very important and precious artifact.

The archaeologists have spent the last few months quietly unearthing a massive stone structure on Lot 5, which is constantly bringing up more questions than answers. The feature appears to be a complex building, too large to be a home, that was mysteriously buried at some point over 200 years ago.

The team suspects the location was used as a base for significant activity in the Money Pit area.

The guys have found numerous artifacts, mainly dating to the 17th and 18th centuries, but they have also recovered everything from Roman coins to Venetian beads. And now, they’ve found silver.

In the preview, archaeologist Jamie Kouba appeared to have been the one who found the artifact. In the lab, archeo-metallurgist Emma Culligan confirmed that the item is about 90 percent silver.

A silver artifact inside a scanner in the Oak Island lab
Oak Island’s Emma Culligan placed the silver artifact inside a scanner. Pic credit: History

Even the normally somber Laird Niven is thrilled by this find and states that in 40 years, he “can’t remember a piece of silver.”

Did Templar Knights hide the Ark of the Covenant on Oak Island?

Meanwhile, the guys are still exploring various theories relating to the medieval order of Templar Knights burying treasure on the island in the 13th century.

The idea was resurrected in recent weeks after evidence emerged suggesting stone monuments on the island, including Nolan’s Cross, were built in alignment with the sun, moon, and stars and were constructed in the 1200s.

The guys believe that only the Templar Knights had the ability and the know-how to do this in the 13th century.

This week, the guys consult another expert who is claiming the Templars buried the Ark of the Covenant on the island. This is not a new theory, but this guy claims he has unearthed a secret code that puts the Ark on Oak Island, and he says he can put an X on the spot.

We will have to wait until tonight for more details, but he has highlighted a passage from a book that reads, “This shall be the sacred mark, Which shall guide us to the skies, Bearing, like a holy ark.” Hopefully, we will learn how this relates to Oak Island.

The History Channel episode synopsis confirms all of the above, reading, “As the connection between Nolan’s Cross and the Knights Templar deepens, the team digs up treasure on Lot Five.”

Oak Island team with Gary Drayton continue investigating the swamp

Also, on tonight’s show, the team is continuing their work in the swamp, where they will try to figure out the origins and the purpose of a wooden wall found last week at the southern edge of the marshy land.

Gary Drayton and Jack Begley are on the hunt again for artifacts, and they always find something!

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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29 days ago

The silver artifact looks like a piece from a religious object.