The Curse of Oak Island preview: The guys discover a tunnel at the bottom of the garden shaft

Charles Barkhouse smiling up close
Charles Barkhouse is delighted to hear they may have found the tunnel leading to the treasure. Pic credit: History

This week on The Curse of Oak Island, the team believes they’ve found the elusive tunnel at the bottom of the garden shaft. This must be the tunnel that stretches into the blob where the high concentration of precious metals is located.

Last week, the Dumas mining company finally got to the bottom of the original working of the garden shaft at a depth of 82 feet. The plan was then to do some exploratory probing in the hope of hitting a secret chamber or tunnel.

The bottom of the shaft lies just a few feet to the east of two areas nicknamed the blob and the baby blob.

Dr. Ian Spooner previously found through water sampling that these two areas contain so much gold, silver, and other precious metals that it’s very likely a treasure is hidden there.

The baby blob appears to be the most promising. It has an exceptionally high content of gold and silver and is a very manageable size of only 20 feet by 20 feet at a depth of about 80 to 120 feet.

When the guys did some exploratory borehole digging into the baby blob a few months back, they hit what they thought might be a tunnel heading toward the garden shaft.

Oak Island team find the tunnel leading to the baby blob

Now, the team may have located the other end of the tunnel at the bottom of the garden shaft. A preview showed a smiling Scott Barlow telling the guys on his cell phone, “We found our tunnel.”

This is potentially seismic news as it means the Fellowship should be able to follow this tunnel to the treasure. And they have mining experts, Dumas, to carry out the work for them.

Computer generated image of a tunnel between baby blob and garden shaft
The guys suspect a tunnel leads from the garden shaft to the baby blob. Pic credit: History

The History Channel’s episode description backs up the above, reading:

“Rick, Marty and the team make a discovery below the Garden Shaft that could be the key to solving the Oak Island mystery.”

Is Lot 5 stone feature ‘the hatch’ from Zena Halpern’s Templar map?

In the meantime, viewers can also expect the guys to continue excavating the strange stone feature on Lot 5. The circular depression of buried rocks piqued the guys’ interest when they learned it had similar dimensions to the original Money Pit.

A preview now suggests that the structure is far larger than the guys expected. Marty Lagina is overheard, stating, “It’s quite a massive structure.” And Jack Begley wonders if this could be related to Zena Halpern’s map, “This could fit in with Zena’s map, this could be the hatch,” he remarks.

Zena was an expert on the Templar Knights and had researched the possibility that the medieval order visited Oak Island. She discovered a map of Oak Island, which she suspected had been created by the Templars in the 14th century.

The map showed multiple features, one labeled “the Hole Under the hatch,” usually referred to as “the hatch.” However, the guys have never been able to decipher its meaning.

Zena Halpern's map translated into English
Is the mysterious Lot 5 stone feature actually “the hatch” from Zena’s map? Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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I hope they find it
I hope they find it
11 months ago

I hope they find it

11 months ago

I hope they tell us as soon as they find something and don’t drag out the declaration for another 10 seasons ?

Richard williams
Richard williams
5 months ago

special 2 hr first episode with an hours worth of commercials