The Curse of Oak Island preview: The guys believe they’ve hit the Chappell Vault at the Money Pit

Rick Lagina smiling in the War Room
Rick Lagina is excited about the latest discovery in the Money Pit area. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island is back on Tuesday as the Fellowship of the Dig suspect they’ve encountered the infamous Chappell Vault, and there’s a new structure uncovered at the swamp.

This week, the borehole drill team led by geologist Terry Matheson has some very exciting news. In recent weeks, the guys have been exploring a void or cavern known as Aladdin’s Cave, where they believe treasure may be buried.

However, a preview for tonight suggests the guys have hit another void at 183 feet somewhere within the area of the Money Pit.

It’s not clear if they’ve started digging elsewhere away from Aladdin’s Cave, though that is a possibility as the Laginas want to put a large caisson over the Cave, meaning the drill team would need to make room.

It is clear that they’ve hit a void at 183 feet, and when Rick asked Terry if he thought they “hit the anomaly,” he responded, “What we have here is a void that encapsulates Chappell’s structure.”

The elusive Chappell Vault is the name often given to an entire excavation project conducted by William Chappell in the 1930s. He reportedly recovered numerous artifacts and even encountered a suspected vault that had entered Oak Island lore, coveted by the guys.

Will the Oak Island team recover treasure from the Chappell Vault in the Money Pit?

The admittedly always over-excitable Jack Begley responded to Terry by claiming, “That’s the treasure of the Money Pit [that] was never recovered.”

But how wonderful would it be if they had encountered the elusive vault and its full of treasure?

All progress at the Garden Shaft came to a screeching halt a few weeks ago, and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon as the Dumas miners focus all their energies on stopping the flow of flood water. That means the whole show will shift focus as the guys look for other areas to explore.

The swamp has become a vital area once again after the government permits came through a couple of weeks ago, allowing guys to restart digging. They hope to uncover more of the ancient stone roadway and maybe a wharf.

Oak Island guys find a new structure beside the stone roadway in the swamp

And judging from a preview, the guys find something of major significance tonight. They appear to have found a brand-new structure.

It’s currently unknown if this new find is connected to another structure or if it’s independent. Unlike the wharf and the roadway, this appears to be made of wood instead of stone. Perhaps it is linked to the theory that an ancient Spanish galleon is buried in the swamp.

Wooden beams peeking out of the dirt on Oak Island
Wooden beams from a newly discovered structure poke out of the muck in the swamp on Oak Island. Pic credit: History

Hopefully, we will find out tonight if this new structure gives us some answers or poses more questions.

The History Channel is calling tonight’s show Plugged Up, and the episode synopsis reads, “The Fellowship is ecstatic when they uncover another structure in the swamp. And in the Money Pit, evidence suggests they may have come into contact with the elusive Chappell Vault.”

The Curse of Oak Island airs at 9/8c on History.

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