The Curse of Oak Island preview: Probe digging begins under the Garden Shaft with ‘thrilling results’

Marty Lagina smiling at the Garden Shaft
Marty Lagina is delighted with the progress at Oak Island’s Garden Shaft. Pic credit: History

The flooding issues have been fixed this week on The Curse of Oak Island, and the drilling is set to begin underneath the Garden Shaft.

Tonight’s episode is Season 11, Episode 13, and the History Channel calls it Tea Time. It looks set to be an action-packed episode with the usual mix of answers followed by more mystery. A lot of this week’s focus will likely be on the Garden Shaft.

There has been a whole lot of nothing happening at the Garden Shaft for the last few weeks as the Dumas guys struggled to stop flood water coming into the shaft.

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Thankfully, they’ve now fixed the problem, which means they can follow through with the plan of increasing the depth from about 87 feet to 95 feet.

The plan was to begin probe drilling to locate a tunnel the guys believe is running beneath the Garden Shaft and into the Baby Blob, where high concentrations of precious metals were found in water samples.

A preview for tonight’s show suggested the probe drilling has found something to put a smile on Marty Lagina’s face. It’s unclear exactly what they’ve uncovered, but it’s certainly excited the team.

Gary Drayton and Rick Lagina make a significant discovery at the Oak Island swamp

Also, this week, Gary Drayton and Rick Lagina find a lot of pottery in the swamp. In the preview, Gary shouted excitedly, “Oooh, that’s a big chunk!”

The pair suspect they’ve made good ground in figuring out who actually constructed the stone roadway in the swamp.

The History Channel episode synopsis indicates the swamp and the Garden Shaft will be this week’s main areas of focus. It reads:

“While Gary and Rick uncover unprecedented finds in the swamp, the team finally reaches depth in the Garden Shaft and their probe drilling operation delivers thrilling results immediately.”

Meanwhile, the guys will also be in the new laboratory examining a suspected coin found last week on Lot 5.

Oak Island team investigates coins and beads from Lot 5

This lot continues to throw up lots of fab artifacts, and ancient Roman coins seem to be appearing with great regularity. It’s unknown so far if this new coin is also Roman in origin, but the guys do detect Latin writing on it.

The ancient language is used on numerous coins worldwide, so it may not be Roman. But the script should still hopefully give a good clue as to its origin.

Members of Oak Island team examine a coin on a large screen
Alex Lagina and archaeologist Laird Niven examine a strange coin from Oak Island’s Lot 5. Pic credit: History

Sticking with the theme of artifacts from Lot 5, Charles Barkhouse and Jack Begley will visit an expert who will examine the colorful beads recovered over the last two weeks.

The beads are thought to be Venetian glass, which could make them very valuable. The preview showed the expert telling the guys, “They are very old… They were a precious commodity.”

Two Venetian beads found on Oak Island
The Oak Island guys take two beads found on Lot 5 to an expert. Pic credit: History

It sounds like there will be plenty of answers tonight and lots to keep us entertained.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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