The Curse of Oak Island preview: Is a brand new ‘big dig’ coming to the Money Pit area?

Marty Lagina joking around in the Money Pit area
Marty Lagina will be joking around with the Oak Island guys tonight. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island is back tonight, and it seems likely that the guys are planning what Marty Lagina likes to call a “big dig” to excavate a new anomaly that could be the Chappell Vault.

Viewers of tonight’s show, Season 11, Episode 12, named Digging Back In, can expect three areas of focus this week. Firstly, as the name suggests, the guys will likely continue digging downward in the search for the Chappell Vault.

Last week, geologist Terry Matheson revealed that he believes the borehole drill was hovering over the Chappell Vault. The Muon Tomography survey stated there was a possible object/void at about 180 feet below, and that data tied in with an obstruction encountered six years ago with a large caisson.

This has guys super excited that they have a vault down below, and they’ll go to hell for leather to try and retrieve it. A preview showed the borehole drill team pulling up a big chunk of steel, causing Marty Lagina to remark, “That could be the drill that found the famous Chappell Vault.”

Could it be? Unlikely, and judging by Marty’s smirk, he was only joking anyway. However, we can never be sure what they’ll find in a new area of exploration.

Either way, Marty has already approved the future use of large caissons to excavate Aladdin’s Cave, and it’s looking like they may be needed for this new feature, too. And that means it’s time for a big dig!

There are two new possible features in the Oak Island swamp

At the swamp, the guys may have located yet another stone feature. A preview showed them encountering some rocks resembling the mysterious stone roadway. That could mean they’ve found an extension to the roadway or possibly a new separate roadway.

Last week, the team stumbled upon some wooden timbers right at the southern edge of the swamp, which led the guys to speculate they may have found an old dam used to create the swamp.

Either way, they seem to be back to making good progress in this marshy ground.

The Oak Island team finds yet another coin on Oak Island

Elsewhere on the island, the Lot 5 archaeologists have found another coin. This lot has proved to be the most lucrative area of the island for coins, as we’ve had multiple coins recovered in the last two seasons. The guys recovered four coins in the first episode of Season 11.

These coins have also proved to be really old, with some of them dating back 2000 years and having origins within the Roman Empire.

A coin found on Lot 5 displayed in a hand
The Oak Island archaeologists have found another coin on Lot 5. Pic credit: History

We don’t have much info on the latest monetary discovery, but it looks bigger than the previous ones, which certainly doesn’t mean it’s older or more valuable. Perhaps the guys will have Numismatist Sandy Campbell take a look at this artifact.

The History Channel episode synopsis for this week reads:

“While the team continues to chase the elusive tunnel in the Money Pit, evidence that the swamp was used for an off-loading operation abounds, and new clues on Lot 5 point to Captain Phipps.”

Finally, this week, blacksmithing expert Carmen Legge makes another return to the island, where he chats with Alex Lagina and archaeologist Emma Culligan. He’s identified an object that’s come from a money or jewelry box or a small treasure chest.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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Alice Ann Pontius
Alice Ann Pontius
28 days ago

On what channel is this being broadcast?

Sam Lukes
Sam Lukes
28 days ago

You should have approved and printed my one and only, previous post/comment, but, you DIDN’T. Shame on you.