The Curse of Oak Island preview: Dumas identifies an offset chamber at the Garden Shaft

Roger Fortin at the Garden Shaft on Oak Island
Dumas miner Roger Fortin says he’s found an offset chamber at the Garden Shaft on Oak Island: Pic credit: History

There’s great excitement this week on The Curse of Oak Island as the team learns of an offset chamber located by the Dumas mining company beside the Garden Shaft.

Also, on tonight’s show, the team continues exploring the mysterious cavern/void in the Money Pit area known as Aladdin’s Cave and suspects they’ve found something of massive importance.

As part of their work on the Garden Shaft, the Dumas mining company is expected to do some probe drilling out from the sides of the shaft as they make their way down. They can drill up to 40 feet outward, searching for secret chambers or anything of interest.

Judging from a preview, Roger Fortin from Dumas had some potentially groundbreaking news for the team. He told them, “I tapped into a cavern from the side of the shaft.”

Marty Lagina asked Roger if it could be an offset chamber, and a beaming Roger shouted, “Yeah!”

This would be precisely what the guys are hoping for. In the last year, they’ve become convinced there must be an offset chamber to the side of the Garden Shaft, which is hopefully full of treasure.

Muon tomography survey previously indicated two anomalies beside Oak Island’s Garden Shaft

The recent data from the Muon tomography survey indicated that the sensors had picked up two anomalies right beside the shaft at 65 feet and 112 feet below the surface.

Perhaps Roger and his colleagues have stumbled upon a chamber at one of these depths. In the last episode, we learned that the shaft currently contained 30 feet of water, so the 65-foot option is probably the most likely.

It should be noted that neither of these anomalies registered as being very dense, so it’s doubtful they’d be rammed with treasure. But there may be something of value there. Hopefully, the guys get some answers, if nothing else.

Computer generated image of an anomaly beside Oak Island's Garden Shaft
Muon scanning revealed an anomaly beside the Garden Shaft (The shaft is marked in blue). Pic credit: History

Elsewhere on Oak Island, viewers can expect the guys to send yet another camera down a hole to examine Aladdin’s Cave. The guys are still trying to determine if this huge cavern lying about 160 feet below the surface is human-made or if humans hid something inside.

Oak Island team encounter mysterious feature at Aladdin’s Cave

A preview showed the guys getting excited over a “linear feature,” and surveyor Steve Guptill was overheard stating it could be a “hallway” or a “tunnel.”

Long-term fans of the show will know that Steve can be a little dramatic at times, so it may be best not to get too excited, but it does all sound promising.

It sounds like The Fellowship of the Dig is getting really close to finding some answers and, hopefully, some treasure.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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