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The Curse of Oak Island: Metal object on new episode could be related to lead cross

The new metal object, right, and, left, the medieval lead cross found on The Curse of Oak Island last year. Pic credit: History

On tonight’s episode of The Curse of Oak Island, the treasure-hunting team continues their rewarding excavation of Smith’s Cove — and discover a new metal object which could be related to last year’s medieval lead cross.

Rick and Marty Lagina also resume the treasure hunt in H8, convinced more than ever that it is the actual site of the fabled Money Pit.

On the episode entitled Wharfs And All, the outlook is bright as the treasure-hunting team initially uncover what could be the Hedden Wharf in Smith’s Cove.

The discovery is the latest in a string of structures found in the cove, and could be part of previous treasure hunter Gilbert Hedden’s wharf.

Hedden began digging on the island in 1935, after purchasing a small part of it. During the next few years he made several visits in the hopes of finding the fabled treasures rumored to be secreted away on the island.

In the end he did not recover anything of known value. However, Hedden did build a wharf and Rick believes he built his structure on top of something else that he found in Smith’s Cove. Will the possible discovery of the old structure lead to another even more amazing find?

Meanwhile, metal detector extraordinaire Gary Drayton finds something incredible that may have him excited enough to break out his infamous gold dance!

“Oh that sounds good,” he affirms as he sweeps his detector over the earth. “Ooooh check this out,” he then adds after finding something that could very well be his next top-pocket find.

It’s a curious, semi-circular piece of metal, with an eye-catching design on it. “This could be a friend of the cross!” he declares. Could the cryptic metal piece indeed be somehow related to the most valuable find to date on Oak Island?

Rick knows the significance of Gary’s discovery, without a doubt. “It could be highly significant,” he says. “We need to investigate.”

Is this the missing piece needed to solve the Oak Island mystery? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

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