The Chi actor fired: Jason Mitchell gets canned after sexual harassment, misconduct allegations

Jason Mitchell on The Chi
Jason Mitchell has been fired from The Chi, leaving fans wondering how the show will move on. Pic credit: Showtime

Get ready to say goodbye to Brandon Johnson, whose story has been front and center on The Chi since his brother Coogie was shot in Season 1.

It was revealed that Jason Mitchell, who plays Brandon, is facing multiple allegations waged by women working on the show and it looks like the claims threaten to end his career.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, following allegations of sexual harassment by his on-screen girlfriend Tiffany Boone — as well as other allegations against him from other women — Mitchell has been dropped from The Chi. He also has reportedly been fired by his agent and his manager and will no longer be working on the Netflix project, Desperados.

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News of Jason Mitchell’s firing came via THR after a source told them that Boone “was among several actresses on the series who had issues with Mitchell.”

Tiffany Boone was reportedly first released from The Chi by her own request after telling producers that she couldn’t work with Mitchell anymore and wanted the freedom to work on other projects after complaining repeatedly about alleged sexual harassment.

It’s claimed that it wasn’t until other actresses on set began complaining about Jason Mitchell that they finally fired him from The Chi. So far, neither Showtime or Boone has commented on the situation.

Jason Mitchell has been receiving acclaim in recent years for his role on The Chi as well as for playing Eazy-E on Straight Outta Compton and for roles in Freedom Fighters: The Ray, Detroit and Mudbound.

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2 years ago

It’s so sad!!