The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 Episode 9 recap: Who went home in the latest elimination results?

mtv the challenge war of the worlds 2 episode 9
The new episode of MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 featured a guys’ elimination. Pic credit: MTV screencap

The latest The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 episode brought more team struggles, a health scare for one competitor, and yet another elimination.

Luckily, this was only a single-elimination but it still meant one person who packed their bags was leaving. Here’s the recap of Episode 9 including who went home on Wednesday, October 23’s MTV show.

Team UK meeting, Dee has a health scare

Team UK holds a meeting after the latest elimination. Theo brings up people working with Team USA. Georgia says they need to nominate people for elimination based on performance. Rogan admits secretly he’s going to continue talking to Paulie about what to do.

Later, Paulie contemplates why he, Jordan, Cara, and Tori can’t be one functional group. Jordan still doesn’t like Cara. Meanwhile, Kam and Leroy’s on-and-off relationships over the past Challenge shows are under the spotlight.

After running with Tori, Dee starts having a lot of pain from a heat stroke and lays down on the floor. She’s transported away for medical evaluation.

Everyone talks about Dee passing out so easily after running with Tori, but they mention how hard Tori trains. Rogan finds out that Dee is going to stay overnight in the hospital due to dehydration.

Fortunately, Dee returns to compete in the next challenge. Some of her teammates are wondering about her ability to compete.

Competitors go Under Siege

Under Siege is the new challenge with a 60-foot shipping container that holds a puzzle and debris inside of it. The game goes in two heats, one for guys and one for girls.

They get put in the container with a crane pulling it up to tip it at an angle. They have to try to complete the puzzle as quick as possible.

Debris is falling at them as the hanging container is tilted up and they slide down a slick floor.

The men and women have their heats. Both sides struggle, though. It comes down to a sudden death heat with the guys having to go again. Team USA emerges in a close battle to the end, causing Team UK to lose yet another challenge.

Tribunal, elimination nominee

Josh is named as the speaker for the Tribunal. He chooses Ninja and Leroy to be part of the Team USA trio to choose who to send in for elimination.

It’s another nighttime meeting for a Team UK elimination. Rogan says that Idris is the weak link. Joss agrees and says Idris’ name. The team votes him as their nomination quickly with little argument.

The Tribunal asks Idris who he’d like to face and he says he thinks he can beat Theo. After he leaves, the trio talks over who they should vote in. The names that come up are Theo and Joss.

Later on the show, Theo taunts Paulie with everyone hanging out poolside. Paulie gets riled up after Theo makes comments about Kyle having sex with Cara. They get in each other’s faces.

Jordan talks to Zach about a plan to get voted into elimination against Idris. Jordan says if he wins he would be a turncoat for Team UK and help them win as underdogs.

It’s his idea of trying to swing power in favor of himself, Tori, and their alliance to break up Cara and Paulie’s alliance.

Who went home from The Proving Ground?

It’s time for the Proving Ground. TJ calls for Team UK’s nomination and Idris joins him. Team USA’s Tribunal votes. Ninja says Theo due to how strong he was last season. Josh gets irritated and says it’s clear that Paulie is controlling the Tribunal. He votes for Joss.

It’s down to Leroy’s deciding vote. He says he’s going to make someone mad with his vote and doesn’t really care. He votes for Theo.

That causes an argument to erupt as Josh is irked that they followed Paulie’s orders. He and Paulie get into it before eventually, Jordan tells them to shut up.

Break Free is the elimination and involves swinging on a rope and trying to break through a wall to solve a puzzle. The first competitor to do so wins and the other goes home.

Theo breaks through the wall first but Idris eventually catches up. Team USA mostly tries to cheer on Idris and help him with his puzzle but he’s confused over things.

Theo gets the win as TJ blows the horn so Idris heads home. Theo gets to decide if he’ll stay on Team UK or be the first turncoat. He decides to stay with his dwindling UK team.

Back at the house, Cara gets heated with Jordan’s comments. They argue over Turbo being a weak competitor or not. Things settle down until Ashley informs Turbo that Jordan was talking about him.

Turbo confronts Jordan with the rest of the cast watching. Turbo tells him to shake his hand and they’ll go head-to-head in next elimination if Jordan thinks he is better.

Nany tries to calm Turbo down later but it doesn’t work. Turbo continues to call out Jordan to face him in a future elimination.

The episode ends with security holding Turbo back, as he’s enraged by Jordan taunting him.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 episodes are on MTV each Wednesday night at 9/8c.

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