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The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 Episode 15 recap: The Final part 1 arrives in the jungle

rogan competes in the challenge war of the world 2 final
Team UK’s Rogan competes in the final on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2. Pic credit: MTV The Challenge

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 Episode 15 aired on Wednesday, December 4, with the competitors getting started on the first part of a grueling Final.

That means big money is now on the line as the Americans and Brits race through a demanding course featuring more puzzles, physical challenges, and grueling obstacles to deal with along the way.

Brits and Americans begin The Final

Just a week earlier, Team USA’s Ashley defeated Nany in a Super Elimination to send her home. That allowed Ashley to return to the team for the Final. She joined Paulie, Cara, Zach, Leroy, Kam, and Ninja. Meanwhile, the Brits have a team consisting of CT, Rogan, Dee, Jordan, and Tori.

The teams head into the jungle to start the first part of a 16-mile course where one of the two teams will emerge as the winners and take home a million dollars. TJ arrives on an ATV to get things started.

For the first stage, the teams are each carrying a gurney with a relic and weights on top. They’ll race to various checkpoints along the way to complete different challenges. It’s a total of four miles, and no more than four players can carry the gurney for a team at any time.

The first checkpoint involves a catapult challenge where each team has to launch coconuts and get a total of three of them into a basket. Soon, Team USA gets ahead, but Team UK can pass them a bit later.

Numbers problem for Team UK

At the second checkpoint, the players are each doing a different equation based on a large sign with a lot of numbers on it. They have to count up certain numbers and figure out an equation. Cara ends up having trouble with hers, and she’s the last one to finish for Team USA.

Team USA gets going again with their gurney, but Rogan and Dee are still trying to solve their math equations for Team UK. They finally get them finished.

Team UK picks up their gurney and tries to pick up the pace to catch Team USA. Paulie starts to get worn down as he’s been carrying a lot of weight due to Ninja and Cara not doing enough.

The Brits begin to get closer to the Americans and ultimately are on their tails. They try to pass Team USA, but the Americans aren’t letting them by. They finally make an aggressive move and take the lead.

Paulie gets irritated at the American’s pace and how much of the load he’s shouldering.

A living, edible checkpoint

Team UK gets to the third checkpoint. Each competitor has three tries to throw a ball into a wooden bowl that’s a distance away. If they make one, they’re good to go.

If they don’t, they have to consume a live grub worm, a cockroach, and a scorpion. CT and Tori don’t have to eat, but their teammates do. They all finish their live food and pick up the gurney to get going again.

Team USA’s Ninja is the only one to make a basket. Everyone else has to eat. Cara starts crying about it despite her being in so many challenges with strange food before. However, Team UK suffers a significant setback.

As the Brits seem to be well ahead of the Americans, TJ stops them. He says because CT interfered with Team USA while they were carrying the gurneys, it means they get a 10-minute penalty. The Brits have to stop for 10 minutes, which could give the Americans time to catch up.

Still, Team USA is getting tired out and has to keep setting down their gurney to get rest on the trail. The Brits’ penalty finally ends so they can start moving again. Team USA is still far behind. Paulie starts to have a lot of issues as he starts saying his body is cramping up, and he can’t see.

Cara tries to help him out, but Paulie collapses and lays on the ground. The rest of the team starts to move and tells Cara to help. Paulie says he’s not quitting as Cara goes ahead. However, as Paulie tries to start going, he falls to the ground again and lays there. Cara’s looking back for Paulie as the episode ends.

Will Paulie get back on track and help Team USA catch up, or will Team UK get the win? Part 2 will arrive next Wednesday, with one of the teams crossing the finish line to claim the big money.

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 is on MTV on Wednesday evenings at 9/8c.

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