The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 elimination results: Who went home on Episode 8 tonight?

cara maria and paulie watch the proving ground elimination on war of the worlds 2
Cara Maria and Paulie watch another elimination unfold on the Proving Ground. Pic credit: MTV

MTV’s The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 returned Wednesday with Episode 8 of the series as Team USA alliances worked on their strategies. That meant Cara and Paulie’s faction versus a faction consisting of Jordan, Tori, and Josh. In addition, it was an interesting elimination as TJ would make a shocking announcement.

Alliances strategize, TJ’s elimination announcement

Various players talk about their numbers and alliances. That includes Cara Maria and Paulie who have a faction involving Kam, Ashley, Ninja and then the UK’s Joss, Rogan, Dee, Esther, and Kayleigh. Tori and Jordan are teaming with Josh, Leroy and several UK players. CT and Kyle speak about what’s going on for their team. CT doesn’t really trust Kyle.

Crate Expectations is the next challenge. They have 125 crates across a field. Teams have to sprint across the field, collect all 125 crates and use them to stack up to grab 12 hanging relics. The first team to get all their crates and relics will win. TJ drops the bomb that the losing team will have to select one female and one male for a double elimination today.

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Team USA puts their differences aside again and works together to dominate yet another challenge. They pick up the win meaning the Brits have to send in a guy and a girl into elimination.

The new Tribunal, latest nominations

Ashley is named speaker for Team USA. She adds Paulie and Cara as the Tribunal. Her reasoning is that the blame will go to Cara and Paulie from the rest of the team for any issues. Of course, there are other members of the U.S. team who aren’t very happy with that trio being in charge of decisions.

Kam, Ninja, and Ashley come up with an idea to “threaten” UK not to put in Esther and Idris. The U.S. realizes Esther is a layup for them due to her lack of endurance. Ninja talks to Dee to try to get her to help out, but when Dee talks to Rogan he isn’t down with it. He says they can’t worry about protection anymore. Rogan says if he has to go in he does.

The UK has its nighttime nomination meeting with the Tribunal observing. Esther nominates herself making that an easy one. When it comes to the guys, Joss speaks up and says he doesn’t know where Kyle’s loyalty is, so he’s nominating him. Rogan joins in with a vote for Kyle, causing him to blow up at them.

Esther is confident she can beat Georgia or even Jenny. Kyle wants Rogan or Idris. He says if it’s him or Theo, they’d go to Team USA. Cara is a bit concerned with that because Kyle isn’t necessarily on board with her and Paulie.

Players get heated during night out

Ultimately, Kyle goes back and gets in Joss’ face for throwing him in. He also puts Rogan on notice saying he asked for him in the elimination and wants to “break his jaw.”

Tempers flare when the teams go out for the night. Kyle talks trash to Dee about Rogan saying he’s going to drop her like a bad habit. The U.S. girls talk to Dee and Esther about who should go in. Cara, Ashley, and Ninja try to talk to Dee about the fact she didn’t save Esther from going in. Dee blows up at Ninja who breaks down in tears over what seems like a ruined friendship.

The next morning Dee and Ninja have a heart-to-heart over last night’s situation.

The Proving Ground elimination – Who went home?

TJ calls down the UK nominees so Esther and Kyle join him. He asks for the Tribunal’s vote. Ashley announces they’re going to take “big shots” tonight. They vote in Georgia and Theo as a unit.

They’re competing in Running Riot. There are two answer keys with two rows of numbers. The numbers represent weights. On the outside are relics corresponding with the weights on the boards. The first competitor to correctly bring back the right weights for relics wins.

Georgia gets all her relics over the line first, but she doesn’t have them in the right order for weights. That gives Esther a shot as she runs to grab her final relic to cross the line. Georgia rearranges her weights and they are correct.

Now it’s time for Kyle versus Theo in the guys’ elimination. Early on, Kyle gets a slight lead on Theo. However, Kyle starts to struggle as he gets to a heavier relic. Theo gets the victory due to Kyle’s struggle on the heavier relic. Kyle tells Theo he needs to switch to the USA side.

It comes time for the decisions. Georgia makes a speech that Cara and Paulie are conspiring with UK people and they need to work together instead of with them. She goes back to her team. Theo seems like he may want to switch but ultimately decides to stick with the UK as well.

Watch new episodes of The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 on MTV every Wednesday at 9/8c.

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