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The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 elimination results: Who went home on Episode 6?

team uk on the challenge war of the worlds 2
Team UK watches the elimination at the Proving Ground on The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2. Pic credit: MTV screencap

On Wednesday, October 2, viewers were able to witness Episode 6 of MTV’s The Challenge War of the Worlds 2. It arrived with the fallout from last week’s surprising power move from Paulie and Cara Maria.

The duo ended up in the Tribunal and was able to send Johnny Bananas into the elimination, ultimately watching him lose to the UK’s Theo.

So who would be the next competitor to go home in The Challenge Ward of the Worlds 2 elimination results?

Fallout from Team USA, Leroy steps up

Josh was upset with Paulie for shaking his hand last week and promising not to send in anyone from Team USA. The two got into a major argument and needed MTV staff to step in to hold them back from a physical altercation.

Paulie tells Josh he’s overemotional. Josh says they’re no longer friends. CT enjoys the show since he’s not involved in a major fight like many of his previous challenges.

Leroy calls a meeting with everyone from Team USA and talks about being unified. He says going forward they’re going to throw in Team UK instead of each other.

He tells them they’ll make Tribunal decisions as a team. Nany is nominated as Team USA’s next speaker if they win. Leroy and Ninja will be the other two members.

Kam is a bit worried about Nany being in the Tribunal since her good friend Johnny was just sent home.

Meanwhile, Team UK has some games going on as Bear and Georgia try to make each other jealous. Georgia makes out with Josh and Bear sees it.

New Challenge is Explosive Decision

It’s time for the next competition on The Challenge. TJ gleefully announces it involves trivia, which is far from Cara’s favorite. It’s called “Explosive Decision” and each team must choose their six smartest players to compete.

One player from each team is strapped into a lawn chair. They are asked six questions. If they get it right, they’re good, but if they get it wrong they’re launched up into the air. The first team to six points wins the challenge.

The first three UK competitors each get the wrong answers while Team USA continues to get them all correct. Tori gets her question wrong but so does Rogan. The UK is unable to answer a single question correctly so the USA wins yet again.

Tribunal & Proving Ground elimination

It’s time for another Team UK nomination meeting and it involves more arguing. Esther, Georgia, Jenny, and Nicole all start trying to speak over one another.

The argument involves different alliances inside the UK team. Finally, they put it to the vote. Esther gets five votes and Nicole gets seven votes. When her teammates leave, Nicole says she’d like to go against Esther.

Ninja tells the Tribunal they should consider sending in a strong player like Jenny or Georgia, but Nany thinks that could come back to hurt them. Leroy wants to bring it to the rest of the team to decide who to throw in against Nicole.

Nany says nobody ever asked her opinion for other eliminations. Later on, she argues a bit with Leroy telling him he’s trying to “play too far” and not worry about his own game.

Team USA has their meeting and Nany still disagrees with sending in a strong UK player. She argues with Kam about it. It ends up going to the vote at the Proving Ground.

Ninja votes for Jenny. Nany votes for Esther. It comes down to Leroy’s vote and he chooses Jenny. Nany is a bit upset but understands Leroy has to do what’s best for himself.

Jenny and Nicole compete in “Trapped” with a puzzle at the top of a tall tower with glass walls. The girls are harnessed up. They have to drop down memorize the solution at the bottom of the tower.

Then they have to scale up the sides of the tower so they can solve the puzzle up top. The first one to do it wins.

Nicole seems to struggle with it and that has Georgia panicking that her best friend might go home. She gives it her best, but Jenny proves to Team USA she is exactly the strong player they thought she was.

Jenny gets to decide which team to go with after the win. She stays loyal to Team UK and they cheer her decision as the show ends.

Viewers can watch The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 on Wednesdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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