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The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 elimination recap: Who went home on Episode 5 after Turbo & Jordan fight?

turbo and tori of team usa on the challenge war of the worlds 2
The USA dealt with another team conflict during the latest episode of The Challenge War of the Worlds 2. Pic credit: MTV screencap

On Wednesday, October 9, MTV’s The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 brought the intensity again with Episode 5.

Fans who saw the episode teaser already realized that a Team USA blowup was coming. Would they be able to continue their dominance over the Brits with the latest challenge?

Also, who went home from The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 in the latest elimination?

Next challenge is Resilient River Run

The earliest part of the episode recapped Jenny being a strong competitor for Team UK. It also showed more of Josh’s interest in Georgia as he realized she isn’t entirely over Bear.

Additionally, CT and Turbo talked about being stuck in the middle on teams with divided alliances.

Enter TJ for the latest challenge game, and it involves a huge pyramid puzzle the teams need to assemble on a raft. That’s not all, as they have to then transport that pyramid 400 meters up a river to grab one relic and put it on top of the pyramid.

From there, they need to bring it back to shore to place on a podium. After that, it’s back in the river to retrieve a second relic and deliver that to a second podium. The first team with both relics on their podiums will win.

Unfortunately, Team USA started to suffer as Jordan began screaming at teammates. Zach joined in and yelled at Ninja. He also splashed water at her because he felt she wasn’t contributing enough.

Team USA wins but fights break out

Despite all the fighting in the group, Team USA picks up another win. An argument ensues after the win as Ninja questions why she was being yelled at. Ashley tells her to stop freaking out so much.

Turbo begins to display his skills as he does a roundhouse kick to knock a relic off the podium. After someone sets it up, he does it again.

Jordan starts to yell at Turbo about it and gets shoved for it. The two Team USA competitors get in each other’s faces. Other members of Team USA get involved along with The Challenge staff to keep them separated.

Leroy makes the joke that there are a couple of people in the house who you don’t yell at. Both of them are named Turbo. In a side interview, Turbo said he wants to send Jordan into an elimination and go down there with him.

Tribunal, latest nomination

After the feisty finish for the latest game, it was time for Team USA to select a speaker for the Tribunal. Zach is nominated as a speaker and chooses Tori and Turbo for his Tribunal.

By the way, that trio also gets to go on a riverboat cruise since Essential Water sponsored the latest challenge game.

Josh tries to persuade Turbo to not say Jordan’s name for his vote in the elimination. Unfortunately, Turbo is doing that no matter what anyone says to him. Kyle is hoping that Jordan and Turbo throw down, so one or both get eliminated, and Team UK survives for the next day.

It’s time for another UK nomination meeting. Bear nominates Rogan for elimination, and that starts things up. Five hands go up for him. A bunch of the others vote for Bear. Idris and CT don’t vote at all.

CT gets frustrated and starts asking what any of them have ever offered him. He says it’s a tough call who to vote for. However, he and Idris decide on Bear. So Bear is going in. He tells the Tribunal he wants Rogan. However, when Zach and Tori ask Turbo about his thoughts, he says he is voting Jordan.

During the riverboat cruise, Tori and Zach try to convince Turbo to vote for someone on Team UK. He says he will if Jordan comes to him and apologizes for what happened.

Latest Proving Ground elimination

As nightfall arrives, TJ has both teams on the Proving Ground. Bear goes down as his team’s choice for the elimination round. It’s time to get the Tribunal’s votes. Zach shocks everyone when he calls out Joss’ name.

Bear gets to vote and says he was initially voting Jordan, but since they patched things up, his vote is for Joss. Tori makes it three votes for Joss. So it’s Bear vs. Joss in the brutal Hall Brawl elimination.

Joss pulverizes Bear to win the first round, but Bear strikes back and uses a trip move in to even the score at 1-1. In the next two rounds, Bear gives it his best, but Joss takes the victory. Rogan cheers on his friend. Bear delivers a farewell speech and leaves. As expected, Joss chooses to rejoin Team UK.

See new episodes of The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 on MTV every Wednesday at 9/8c.

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