The Challenge star CT Tamburello’s family didn’t support his marriage to Lili Solares

Lili and CT discuss issues with his family before their wedding. Pic credit: MTV
Lili and CT discuss issues with his family before their wedding. Pic credit: MTV

CT Tamburello got married a few months ago, and now MTV is honoring The Challenge star with a wedding special.

CT married Lili Solares, the mother of his son CJ, but his family wasn’t entirely supportive of this union, something that is highlighted on the first part of this tw0-part special.

In a sneak peek of The Challenge star’s wedding special, CT explains that his relationship with Lili hasn’t always been solid. In fact, he even admitted that there were points when he didn’t know if they would even get married.

While he and Lili were able to move on and strengthen their relationship, CT said that his family still held a bit of a grudge. Then, the way he proposed to her upset his family even more.

Tamburello explained that his proposal was a surprise and that he asked Lili to marry him right before he left for another season of The Challenge. The thing is, he never discussed any of it with his family.

So with CT gone at his latest MTV gig, Lili mentioned the engagement to his family. She didn’t know that he didn’t tell anyone and they didn’t understand why they were hearing the news from his new fiancee.

That made things even worse between Lili and the family. So as Lili and CT began to organize their wedding and figure out who would be there, CT worried that his family may not even show up.

While Lili and CT got married back in September, the ceremony was small and the couple was careful about which pictures they shared. It’s still not clear if CT’s family made it to their wedding or not. We’ll just have to tune in and find out.

The Challenge: CT’s Getting Married Part 1 airs on Tuesday, December 11 at 9/8c on MTV. 

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