The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros recap: The everybody hates Lolo and she knows it edition

The Pros’ expressions sum up their overall morale on The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros

The Pros are all talking smack to each other on this week’s The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros.

They underestimate Tia, and it’s obvious Lolo and Louise don’t like each other. That’s not likely to change.

The team challenge tests strength.

It’s called Out of Bounds – but unlike in previous challenges, the players are going one-on-one.

The goal is push your opponent into the water while holding onto a log.

Lindsey volunteers to captain The Pros.

Ashley M nominates herself for a second time to lead The Champs.

Kamerion and Wes are not an even matchup

Kam versus Wes is the first matchup. The NFL giant tosses Wes in the water pretty easily.

“I looked up midway through and he was yawning,” Wes jokes. “It was very intimidating.”

CM Punk goes up against CT. And CT pushes the MMA fighter right into the water with a splash!

CT pushes CM Punk in the water during the team challenge

Louise babbles about how CT is a Picasso. Sounds like she wants to hook up with him. Bahaha!

Lolo is up against Cara Maria.

With her bobsled experience, she pushes Cara Maria into the water pretty fast.

“I would hope I would have an advantage. And if I didn’t, I was going to have a hard time going back to my bobsled teammates,” Lolo says.

Camilla goes up against Tia. They’re the most evenly matched so far, but Tia tosses Camilla in the water.

Louie and Darrell is a funny matchup but Louie is outweighed by 60-70 lbs.

With a grand shove, Darrell tosses Louie in the water.

Lindsey goes up against Ashley K., and tosses her in the water.

Gus goes up against Jordan, and it’s do or die. The Pros only need one more point.

Gus wins it for The Pros.

Lindsey wins $5k for her charity, and Ashley M. is automatically sent to elimination.

Everybody knows Lindsey doesn’t like Lolo so she’s probably going to send her to elimination.

Lolo’s b***hing and moaning about being sent to elimination, again.

“I think people are afraid to vote for you because you’re going to take it personally,” CM Punk tells Lolo.

“The thing I’m most disappointed in is Lolo’s attitude at the moment,” Louise says.

How about Lolo’s attitude since she arrived?

As the losing captain, Ashley M. automatically goes to elimination.

The team splits their votes between Ashley K. and Cara, and causing a tie. So Ashley M. gets to choose her opponent.

And she chooses Ashley K. because Cara’s a “monster.”

For The Pros, Captain Lindsey chooses Lolo, apologizing as she does it.

“Oh girl, it wasn’t hard. F**k you!” Lolo storms up front.

This is why they chose you, Lolo. Nobody likes you.

Lolo says the other girls have “a wolf pack” against her. But they tie it so that Lolo gets to pick her own opponent.

She chooses Tia, who is much smaller than her.

Tia’s more worried about not getting injured than winning. Interesting new spin on this show.

Before the elimination challenge, the ladies go for pedis at a spa together. Everybody except Lolo, that is.

“We take it all seriously. We take all the fun out of it,” Louise says. She admits The Champs treat it more like the game it is.

“Lolo hasn’t really done herself any justice in staying out of the firing line, and Tia’s going to put the final nail in her coffin,” Louise delivers a pep talk.

It’s the Basket Brawl elimination classic – but this time they’re playing with uber-heavy medicine balls.

Basically, it’s like tackle basketball using medicine balls. #Ouch

The Champs get really physical. Ashley M. grinds Ashley K.’s head in the sand.

Then Ashley K. accidentally scores a point for Ashley M.

Ashley M. takes out Ashley K. in the elimination challenge

Ashley M. ends up winning by shooting a basket with a medicine ball.

“I saw my whole team giving Ashley K. pointers,” Ashley M. says. She’s pissed off even after she wins.

Now it’s time for The Pros face-off.

“It’s so mismatched. I don’t think it was right,” Lindsey says when Lolo and Tia match off.

Lindsey stops The Pros elimination from starting and tries to swap with Tia against Lolo

At the very last second Lindsey stops the match, and offers herself up as a replacement for Tia.

It’s up to Lolo.

But we have to wait til next week to see what happens.

Things we’re left wondering

If Louise is such a badass, why didn’t she put herself in against Lolo?

What’s with Lolo’s attitude? Even The Pros are embarrassed by her behavior and calling her unprofessional.

Tia seemed more concerned about getting hurt than winning the elimination – did MTV take that into consideration before casting professional athletes in The Challenge?

The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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