Toya might need butt rejuvenation after ‘gay-assed’ husband insult on Married to Medicine

Married to Medicine
Sparks fly at the spa on Married to Medicine as the women argue

This week on Married to Medicine, temperatures rise at the spa and Jackie’s job cast a shadow over her marriage.

At first things at the pre-Hawaii trip spa day seem to be going well. Reconciliation looks like it could be on the cards but then things between Toya and Lisa Nicole kick off.

Lisa Nicole says she can’t control Simone, but Toya tells her she should have made an executive decision!

Lisa Nicole is not shy though, and says: “If Toya don’t leave me alone they gonna have to do some ass rejuvenation because I’m going to put my foot in it if she don’t back the hell up.”

As the arguments gets even more heated Toya calls Lisa Nicole’s husband Dr. Darren Naugles, “gay-assed”!

Also on this episode, Toya and Eugene are downsizing and Mairah nad Simone have a meeting.

Watch Married to Medicine Brutally Honest Makeover at 8PM on BRAVO.

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