Teen Mum season finale sees Megan Salmon-Ferrari’s dream engagement party in danger of disaster

Megan Salmon-Ferrari holds up a carboard smilie face as she sits on a sofa
Megan Salmon-Ferrari is looking forward to her engagement party on Teen Mum. Cr. M Salmon-Ferrari /Twitter

This week on Teen Mum, it’s the finale of the season and Megan Salmon-Ferrari’s dream party could be about to go very wrong.

Megan has some high hope for her big engagement party and is really betting that everything will go to plan but their could be disaster brewing.

Meantime Naomi Konickova has to deal with a very unexpected guest at her kid’s birthday party as Mia Boardman and Erin sit down for what could be a tricky family dinner.

The season winds up with some of the mums ready to take the plunge and get married and other looking to get out of their toxic relationships.

In fact Mia is so keen to get married that she goes and tries on some wedding dresses, even though she’s not yet received a proposal yet! She want to look like a princess and is hopeful some images of her looking amazing in her dress might get

Teen Mum airs Mondays at 10:01 PM on MTV.

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