Teej Poole on Ink Master Season 11: North Carolina family man takes black and grey photorealism to a new level

Teej Poole on Season 11 of Ink Master
Teej Poole has been a top contender for the Season 11 prize on Ink Master. Pic credit: Paramount

Teej Poole joined Ink Master for Season 11 with every intention of winning. Now, Poole is in the top three and getting ready to compete for that $100,000 prize and spread in Inked magazine.

Unlike Tony or Tiffer, who he will be competing against on the Season 11 finale, Teej is Team Christian and he specializes in black and grey photorealism. Like Tiffer, he has taken home four best tattoo of the day wins this season, making him a top contender to win the whole contest.


Teej is a self-taught tattoo artist that majored in Visual Arts and Design in college. He started off with a tattoo apprenticeship but after his mentor quit, Teej continued to learn on his own by watching YouTube and playing around until he figured it out.

Poole is also a married father of four and he made it clear that to him, family always comes first. Teej grew up with a single mom, along with his sister. While his grandparents were a great help to them, the absence of his own father is something that shaped him to be the man he is today.


While many artists either own or work out of a tattoo shop, Teej Poole tattoos from his own private studio. His work speaks for itself and it’s not surprising that he stays busy tattooing throughout the year.

While a spread in Inked magazine is part of the top prize, Poole can brag that he’s already been profiled by them. In December 2017, the popular tattoo magazine shared an interview with the North Carolina tattoo artist, calling him “Dr. Tattoo.”

It seems fitting since his black and grey work is phenomenal and Teej is also known for his very precise line work, a skill that can make or break a good tattoo.

Will Teej Poole take home the win on Season 11 of Ink Master?

The Season 11 finale of Ink Master airs on Tuesday, December 18 at 10/9c on Paramount. 

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