Teairra Mari leaked her own sex tape according to Milan Christopher: Was it all a ploy for Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood ratings?

Teairra Mari at a press conference with lawyers including Lisa Bloom
Did Teairra Mari leak her own sex tape? Milan Chritopher says she did

Season 5 of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood premieres in less than two weeks and it’s supposed to be high on drama. If Milan Christopher is telling the truth, Teairra Mari may have manufactured her own drama after releasing her own embarrassing sex tape months ago.

Many LHHH fans may remember that it was Milan who stood by Teairra’s side like a great friend through all the sex tape drama. Now he’s letting everyone know that, much like Teairra warned in the new Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood teaser, things aren’t always what they seem.

Milan told TMZ that he doesn’t believe Teairra Mari’s ex, Akbar Abdul-Ahad actually leaked that tape. He claims that Teairra’s timeline and her story just aren’t adding up and he thinks his friend needs to get some professional help. Check out what he had to say about the events surrounding the Teairra Mari sex tape leak.

That said, if Teairra Mari really leaked her own sex tape, she would have gone way too far. By hiring Lisa Bloom’s team and taking her ex to court, that could well have opened up a real can of worms for the singer.

Don’t forget that Teairra is still suing her ex and his friend 50 Cent, who quickly reposted shots of Teairra in the video to his own Instagram account. Things got so out of hand in the days following the alleged leak that Teairra was accused of beating Akbar’s car with a metal pole. 

With Milan Christopher calling out Teairra Mari for allegedly leaking her own sex tape, could it lead to legal issues for her as well? If the tape was leaked in order to create a storyline for Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, that could cause serious controversy.


So far, Milan is the only person commenting on the Teairra Mari leaked video. Lisa Bloom isn’t responding to comments and Teairra has been silent on social media. 50 Cent was quick to repost what Milan said though.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood returns on Monday, July 23 on VH1. 

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