Teairra Mari is an alcoholic: Moniece’s Love & Hip Hop bombshell for Cisco

Teairra Mari speaking to the camera on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood
Teairra Mari on last week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Moniece Slaughter drops some bombshell news on Cisco during this week’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood — claiming his girlfriend Teairra Mari is an alcoholic.

Cisco moved over to LA from NYC and last week met Teairra’s friends — but the big concern for Moniece and others was how drunk she got.

Moniece says Teairra often drinks so much that she can’t even remember what she did the night before. Cisco seems baffled by the news as when the pair were in NYC together he says Teairra never got drunk, and it’s now like she’s a “completely different person”.

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When he asks Moniece whether Teairra has a drinking problem, she tells him: “Let’s be specific. She’s an alcoholic.”

Moniece says she has made her mind up that she is going to have a conversation with Teairra to try and convince her to go to rehab — and she wants to know whether Cisco is on board.

He wants to speak to her first in case she doesn’t want him around for what could be a “dark period” in her life. He also doesn’t seem completely convinced that she is an alcoholic.

He says: “All this news about Teairra Mari having a drinking problem is hard to take in. Yeah me and Teairra Mari turned up in New York, and we turned up in LA — but that don’t make you an alcoholic.”

Moniece Tells Cisco That Teairra Is An Alcoholic | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH1.

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