Who is Tatu Baby? Get to know talented artist from Ink Master: Angels and Black Ink Crew

Tatu Baby Ink Master
Tatu Baby made another appearance on Ink Master: Angels

Tatu Baby was back on Ink Master: Angels as they touched down in Phoenix, Arizona on the latest episode. She’s not one of the original four women that make up the group, prompting many to ask who she is.

Already popular in the Miami tattoo scene, Katherine Flores, better known as Tatu Baby, has become a figure on the Ink Master shows and has even taken her reality TV career beyond the Paramount network.

Tatu Baby’s bio

Ink Master

Tatu Baby joined Ink Master in its second season back in 2012 to compete for the top spot. She didn’t win the competition, ultimately landing in the fourth-place spot. What she did do, though, was build up a huge following of fans.

With a huge fanbase cheering her on, Tatu Baby returned for Season 3 of the hit tattoo competition show. She struggled a bit with the season but still was able to pull off a third-place finish, one spot higher than the season before.

Black Ink Crew

Tatu Baby still wasn’t done with her reality TV career after two heartbreaking Ink Master losses in a row. In 2017, she popped up in the most unlikely place — as Ceaser Emmanuel’s new love interest on Black Ink Crew. Tatu Baby seemed an unlikely choice as Ceasers next girlfriend and, ultimately, things didn’t work out. Ink Master fans loved seeing her pop up on the VH1 show though.

Ink Master: Angels

Though her days of competing may be over, Tatu Baby is still making waves with the Ink Master crowd. She was featured in Season 1 of Ink Master: Angels, where she introduced the group of women to her friend’s Miami tattoo shop where three artists would be competing.

She returned during Season 2 of the Paramount Network show when they touched down in Phoenix, Arizona, along with Kelly Doty, Ryan Ashely Malarkey, and Nikki Simpson. Clearly, if the show was ever in need of another Angel to join the show, Tatu Baby is a great fit.

Tatu Baby is an amazing tattooist who is best known for her black and white work. She’s a master at adding perfect details and can make portraits look like the real person. Tatu Baby is also known for Day of the Dead themed pieces and has shown off some beautiful color tattoos as well.

Do you want to see more of Tatu Baby on Ink Master: Angels?

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