Ta-Ta Towels on Shark Tank: Anti-boob sweat product could be a game changer for women

Ta Ta Towel on Shark Tank
Ta Ta Towel is featured on Shark Tank and could be a serious game-changer for women. Pic credit: Shark Tank/Disney ABC Press

Erin Robertson, the founder of Ta-Ta Towels, is featured on the latest episode of Shark Tank where she asks the sharks for $200,000 in funding in return for 10 per cent equity.

Ta-Ta Towels are specially designed bras made from towel-like material and are meant to help women who suffer from boob sweat.

Even though the sharks initially laugh at the concept, women who have big breasts often struggle with not only sweat but also with rashes that can happen during hot summers due to moisture.

Robertson explains that the product idea came from herself after she was preparing to go on a date. After getting out of the shower, she kept sweating because of the lack of air condition.

She was in bed when the idea for the Ta-Ta Towel surfaced. After borrowing a friend’s sewing machine and watching YouTube videos, she created her first prototype.

After getting feedback from her friends, Erin learned that her Ta-Ta Towels actually solved more than just boob sweat.

One friend, who got rashes under her breasts due to moisture buildup, was no longer getting rashes and red marks.

Breastfeeding mothers also love the product, as it is easier to sit down and feed their babies without the fuss of a bra. Plus, the sensitive liner was great for women suffering from sensitive nipples. Ta-Ta Towels also absorb breast milk that may sometimes leak out.

On the company’s website, you can see the various sizes that are offered. The smaller towels are designed for breasts that fit into a large C cup up to a DD.

Medium is DDD to E, and large is from F to H. The designs and styles change often. Prices fall around $35 to $45 for one towel but can go up to $55 for one that has an opening for breastfeeding.

The product is currently available on Ta-Ta Towels’ website, where you can browse through the different products and clearance options. You can only buy them from the website at present time.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

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