Syfy’s 12 Monkeys Season 4 trailer sizzles at Comic-Con

The Witness, Olivia (Alisen Down)
The Witness, Olivia (Alisen Down) will factor prominently in S4

One of our fave Syfy shows is gripping time travel thriller 12 Monkeys and the final season four sizzle promises much more to come.

Down in San Diego, show runner Terry Matalas and the cast were a highlight at their Comic-Con panel where the fourth and final season was unveiled in the room.

Dancing to his character’s favorite song and imitating Amanda Schull was actor Todd Stashwick.

The panel was moderated by Nerdist’s Alicia Lutes, and featured Matalas, Aaron Stanford (James Cole), Amanda Schull (Dr. Cassandra Railly), Emily Hampshire (Jennifer Goines), Todd Stashwick (Deacon) and the Witness, Alisen Down (Olivia) who took us back in a time machine of sorts as we revisited the series’ key events, and foreshadowed chilling moments and what’s to come in the last chapter.

What you can look forward to is that the fourth season guarantees ambitiously ramped up time-travel action and adventure.

The trailer takes us to the Old West and World War II, with Matalas telling the audience the show was “going to get medieval.” There’s also a strong focus on the show’s main villain, the Witness, Olivia (Alisen Down) who was revealed in the season 3 finale.

Olivia has masterfully hidden her intentions throughout the series yet the new trailer reveals her as the Witness.

The series continues the journey of James Cole (Aaron Stanford), a man sent back in time to eradicate the source of a deadly plague, and his partner, virologist Dr. Cassandra Railly (Amanda Schull).

The two must unravel an insidious centuries-old conspiracy that sets them off to search across time to find the man responsible for the apocalypse – a time traveler who goes by the name the Witness, and who must be killed.

The series also stars Kirk Acevedo (Ramse), Emily Hampshire (Jennifer Goines), Barbara Sukowa (Katarina Jones) and Todd Stashwick (Deacon).

The final season will also contain ten episodes.

Season 4 of 12 MONKEYS will return in 2018.

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