Sweet Home Sextuplets: Was the show renewed or canceled?

Eric and Courtney Waldrop holding the sextuplets
Eric and Courtney Waldrop may be back for another round of chaos. Pic credit: TLC

Sweet Home Sextuplets has been well received on TLC. The show chronicles the Waldrop family from Alabama. They welcomed sextuplets nearly a year ago, and throughout all of the struggles and firsts, they have been filmed.

Courtney and Eric Waldrop had an older son and twin boys before welcoming the sextuplets. Fans watched as the couple dealt with complications from the pregnancy as the babies were delivered early and spent time in the NICU. As a family of 11 now, they are learning to navigate their new normal.

The final episode of the premiere season has aired. TLC has yet to make an official announcement about whether or not Sweet Home Sextuplets will be renewed. It is likely that the network will bring the family back, especially because the show is unique but also fits in with the current programming that they air.

Neither Courtney nor Eric have commented about if they will be back. Filming the reality show on top of raising nine children is likely a struggle. The family has discussed their financial needs, and if the network is willing to take some of that burden off of them, it would be silly to pass that up.

Viewers have voiced their excitement towards the possibility of another season featuring the Waldrop family. With everything happening in their lives, they have shown what strength and determination looks like.

As of now, a second season has not been announced. It is likely, and if an announcement is made, it will probably happen later on down the road when an air date is given.

Sweet Home Sextuplets just finished the Season 1 run on TLC.

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2 years ago

I would love to see this show again, how the sextuplets are growing up and parents are dealing with them.

2 years ago

I so want more seasons of Sweet Home Sextuplets! I love the relationship between Courtney and Eric and watching their kids grow?