Sweet 15: Quinceañera on TLC is a jaw-dropping look at Latin teen parties

One of the girls celebrates her Quinceanera with a photoshoot with an alligator
One of the girls on TLC’s Sweet 15: Quinceañera celebrates by having a photoshoot with an alligator

What’s the most sensible thing to do with your daughter when she turns 15 — get her to pose in a bikini with an alligator, obviously!

That’s just one of the incredible and jaw-dropping photo opportunities the owners of the Bella Quinces shop in Miami have to organise in TLC’s new show Sweet 15: Quinceañera.

The series is a celebration of the wonderful and eye-popping world of Quinceañera parties, which are a BIG deal in much of the Latin community.

They take place when a girl turns 15 and are bigger and brasher than you can possibly imagine.

The Quinceañera — the single biggest day in a Latin girl’s life.

If there’s one place in Florida to get your Quinceañera celebrations organised, it’s Bella Quinces — run by Alexis Fernandez, his wife Daniela and his cousin Jarling.

The business has been up and running for more than four decades now and does a whole lot more than just sell the flamboyant gowns the teenage girls wear for their celebrations.

The store also organises the actual parties and everything around them, including some of the most astonishing photo shoots you can imagine.

That’s where the alligator above comes into play — but there’s also photo shoots with baby tigers, hot air balloons, and even an overseas one in Paris!

Sweet 15: Quinceañera follows the incredible day-to-day requests the family receive as they put together parties that they hope will live in their customers’ memories forever.

Watch the series preview below to get a sneak peak of what to expect in the show’s first season.

The first episode is called Welcome to the One Stop Quinceañera Shop, and reveals that this is not just a show about flamboyance — it’s full of emotion too.

Because for many moms the Quinceañera is the biggest day in their — and their daughter’s — lives, and they’ll pull out all the stops no matter what.

In the initial episode we meet one mom who bought a mail-order gown for her daughter over the internet which turned out to be a poor and cheaply made replica of what she thought she was going to get.

But Alexis and Jarling step in and go back to their community-driven Puerto Rican roots, deciding to donate the girl a gown for free so she can enjoy her big day.

Watch the footage below as her mum sets eyes on her “princess” in the dress for the first time, and try and hold back the tears — if you can.

Sweet 15: Quinceañera airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC.

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