Swamp People’s Big Tee battling infection: Fundraiser launched to help him pay medical bills

Big Tee on Swamp People
Big Tee is gunning for poachers-literally, as he packed heat in a past Swamp People episode. Pic credit: History

One of Monsters & Critics favorite reality TV families are the folks from the History series Swamp People. A fan favorite and one of their own is in big medical trouble with a raging infection.

Joseph “Big Tee” Richard, who rides along with as the gunman for Mr. Daniel, aka Daniel Edgar, is in a spot of trouble and is asking fans to lift him in prayer and show up at Breaux Bridges’ Bubba’s Sports Bar for a medical fundraiser.

According to Bubba’s Sport’s Bar, the star has a medical condition that went south fast:

Joseph “Big Tee” Richard went in the hospital for 10 days & was diagnosed with cellulitis. After two surgeries he was sent home. A week later was admitted back for another 11 days. His foot was still infected & he had two more procedures done. He was released to go home with a PIC line in his arm for home antibiotics for six weeks. Between hospital stays, home health nurses & traveling to & from doctor’s visits weekly, he hasn’t been able to work & he has incurred some pretty big bills on top of his normal bills.

BIG Tee has always gone to other bars & benefits & shown his support when he could. Time to pay pack the favor. We’re scheduling this on a weekend where nothing else has been scheduled so we can get a big turnout for him. We will be hosting a scotch doubles 12 drop 8-ball tournament & benefit to help raise some money to get him back on his feet (pun intended). We will be selling tickets for pork & sausage jambalaya dinners. There will be auction items, 50/50 raffle tickets, 9-ball break contest (if time permits), sweets for sale & whatever else we can do to raise money. Anyone that wants to help or donate items or cash can get in touch with BIG Tee or the staff at BUBBA’S SPORTS BAR…Please spread the word & come out & support BIG Tee.

On his Facebook page, Big Tee thanked his fans for supporting him, even the kids:

A little bit later, Big Tee shared that he was battling some medical issues and had surgery:

But then things went south fast. Tee was not able to heal like normal since his immune system was unable to cope with the infection still present:

Big Tee then posted:

“I’m having a benefit on August 24th to help pay medical expenses for a foot infection i am still dealing with . I was admitted into the hospital for . After 10 days and 2 surgeries later i was able to go home . One week later i was readmitted into the hospital again . I had an infected bone in my foot . After 2 surgeries i was released to go home . They decided to put me a PICC-line (Home IV) for 6 more weeks . Been traveling back and forth to doctor visits almost daily . Just wanted to invite all my friends . It will be At BUBBA’S SPORTS BAR in Breaux Bridge, LA .

Warning, the publicly posted Facebook photos are graphic:

For fans who follow Swamp People, the addition of Big Tee has been a welcome one.

Tee is a sharpshooter and the man Daniel Edgar relied on all season to help him bag the behemoths of the Bayou.

How to help Big Tee

His full name is Joseph “Big Tee” Richard.

You can send him cards, gifts, donations, and well wishes addressed to his attention at Bubba’s Sport’s Bar,

Joseph “Big Tee” Richard c/o Bubba’s Sports Bar
551 W Mills Ave 
Breaux Bridge, Louisiana 70517
(337) 442-6960

Monsters & Critics wishes Big Tee a speedy recovery! Mr. Daniel will be lost without him in the next season of Swamp People.

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