Swamp People Season 10 sneak peek: Here’s what we know about the new cast

The eye of the alligator from the Swamp People prpmo
The eye of the beast is watching y’all, and there are too many of them! Pic credit: History

Y’all gather up, Swamp People is back this coming week on History. The show returns with (hopefully) all of our favorite patriarchs and Cajun Cartel members and it’s going to be a gnarly season.

And all the lucky donuts and belts in the world won’t protect any of our MVP’s like Troy Landry or Willie Edwards, one of our favorites (seriously this slim guy can wrassle a gator 5x his size into a boat ALONE)

Here’s the official scoop right from History:

On the premiere entitled “Clear and Present Danger”

A time bomb has been quietly ticking in Southern Louisiana for the past ten years and this season it’s about to explode. The gator population has more than doubled and left unchecked, Southern Louisiana may soon become overrun by these vicious monsters.

It’s up to the swampers to defend their communities from this brewing onslaught and stop these killer beasts.

The swampers are faced with a gator invasion that’s threatening their community like never before.

Determined to protect their neighbors, Troy teams up with swamp legend Terral Evans, Jacob enlists python expert Dusty Crum to join the hunt, and veteran swamper Ronnie Adams puts his new partner, Ashley “Dead-Eye” Jones to the test as they venture into a wild swamp known as “the cemetery.”

So this means several things.

We have new cast members to discuss: Newcomer Dusty Crum is a swamp natural.

Dusty was born in Ashland, Kentucky and later moved to Sarasota, Florida. Dusty was a Floridian Huck Finn, a wild child.

On his website he says, “I had a great childhood in a great school (Sarasota Christian School) we could actually get away with more pranks and fun then [sic] at a public school.”

Dusty later bought a house in Myakka City where he worked a dairy farm and met The Hog Wrangler (Gary Clark). He says, “We started hunting and filming together.”

The two made a 2010 hog hunting DVD called “Cut me if u can”.

Cut to a few years later, Dusty is now part of the Cypress Boys team and says, “This is what I was born to do.”

Later on, Matador Content cast him for Pythonathon, a two-part documentary for National Geographic Television about the Burmese Pythons that taking over the Florida Everglades.

Terral Evans is a Swamper to the core, we will let his Facebook mashup do the talking:

And Ronnie Adams looks like he’s a good time waiting to happen based on his Facebook posts too:

The big mystery is Ashley “Dead Eye” Jones, and it looks to be this lady who is friends with Ronnie and included in his scenes in the new season.

The bad news is that prices for wild hides are still down, and experts don’t think this trend is soon to reverse.

Are you totally psyched for the new season? We cannot wait and hope some of the original cast are back with the Landrys too!

Swamp People premieres Thursday, January 31 at 9/8c on History.

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