Swamp People recap: Texas Tag Out sees ‘swamp snot’, Tommy’s tardy return and Bigfoot’s fry-up

Coy’s secret brew of “swamp snot” does the trick on this week’s Swamp People, despite the breaking wind and showering issues

This week’s episode of Swamp People, Texas Tag Out, took place on the last day the Louisiana boys helped the Texans to bag and tag and rebuild after Hurricane Harvey walloped Houston and the surrounding areas.

We learned a lot of things in the show. Mostly that hunting gators by truck is not something that Louisiana hunters plan on copycatting, and that the stench of “swamp snot”, a heady mixture of offal, guts, spleen and general rot, doesn’t just Febreeze out.

The episode opened on the twelfth day of alligator season. Everybody who makes a living off the Gulf Coast was hurting, and the Swamp People were wrapping their two-day power rescue in Anahuac, Texas, in a rare show of solidarity. All of them were battling the farmed gator-saturated market driving down the prices of their wild gator kills.

Here are the top moments from Swamp People Season 9 Episode 7!

Co-kings R.J. and Troy save Coy and Jay’s bacon

Their mission was to fill half of Coy and Jay’s tags by sundown. The two bemoaned various niggling Texas laws and especially the one that says you cannot shoot gators in open water.

In the end, the two made their tag quotas and worked well together and genuinely enjoyed their partnership despite being competition to each other back in Louisiana.

Coy and Jay’s ‘swamp snot’ dilemma

Coy and Jay had nine tags to go to tag out for the season. So Jay, aka Glenn Guist’s lost love child, concocted the nastiest, mankiest “swamp snot,” a gross liquid bait that is catnip for gators.

Coy complained he needed at least four showers to get the stench off of him so his woman would love on him.

Jay added to the TMI pile and said his farts smell like gator even though he never ate gator. They come up on a monster parked into the muddy bank and through cunning hunting strategy and luck, bag him. The two have learned from the Cajun Jedi Masters on how to finally get a 500+ pound gator in the boat.

Jay Paul’s sitch: Tommy ain’t never changed

Despite this healthy fourth and last gator, Tommy’s disorganized mind and lack of timeliness has cost them a lot of money

Back in Louisiana, Jay Paul Molinere did Tommy Chauvin a solid. Tommy continued his late-bird routine, and Jay Paul sputtered and fumed as Tommy appeared to not absorb the gravity of his tardiness.

“Being on time ain’t my thing,” Tommy said.

Well, people do let you know who they are one way or another, don’t they?

The two rolled up on a live one and bagged it. But the day got worse. Now, a disorganized and forgetful Tommy could not remember where the lines he laid actually were.

Jay summed it up, saying: “He [Tommy] is not designed to be the leader, nothing wrong with it, that’s just how some people are.”

Interestingly, these two are paired up again in the teaser for next week. Hmm.

Bigfoot fry-up and Bruce nearly gets eaten

Bruce Mitchell and Harlan “Bigfoot” Hatcher needed to tag out, Texas style. Dangerous, actually, as the lines were being run out of a truck, meaning gators could essentially just run up on them…which happened. Understandably, Bruce does not like hunting by vehicle.

Adding to the misery, Bigfoot put Mr. Mitchell in a smaller more open ATV. Bruce didn’t like it one bit. He said: “We might even have to walk to some, it’s crazy!” They tagged out and saved Bigfoot’s proverbial bacon despite Cottonmouth snakes and a near-death experience for Bruce.

Bigfoot rewarded everyone with a huge fry-up of what looked to be frog legs, oysters, shrimp and hush puppies as the men all reconvened and enjoyed the fellowship and friendship they have to offer.

May not have cash to throw at the problem, but their work equity more than helped these Texans in their time of need.

Next week: WILLIE EDWARDS is back! See you then.

Swamp People airs Thursday at 9/8c on History

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2 months ago

I’m a huge fan of swamp people but Willie is my fav