Swamp People recap: Houdini’s caught, ‘One-Shot Nunkie,’ insomnia cures and Salt ‘n’ Pepper

Frenchy Crochet
Frenchy believes a higher power and his faith in it will provide for him and Gee

Are you feeling the faith after watching the latest episode of Swamp People, “Hunting Houdini”?

The title of Season 9 Episode 4 sums it up — as the chase for another elusive beastie comes up triple 7s for the Molinere father-son duo, while fan favorites Frenchy and Gee are back and walking the line and praising the Lord. Despite their financial setbacks, they have made hay on this particular run.

But we open the show in Pierre Part with Troy boasting about his gun prowess, calling himself the “One-Shot Wonder”. He goes further with Holden, aka “Ho,” and says he’s the “One-Shot Nunkie” as the two set out after doubling up their line, a strategy that pays off handsomely at the end.

No mention of the Cajun Cartel that was teased last week is brought up. The four elders, Landry, Molinere, Mitchell and Edgar patriarchs are supposed to be working together to preserve their hunting life.

Here we break down the episode by teams:

One Shot Nunkie and the deadly sin of pride

Troy Landry
Troy Landry calls himself “One-Shot Nunkie”, but he’s not quite so

Well. Troy thinks big, talks big and refuses to wear belts. He’s earned that right being the King of the Swamp and all. But Holden says Nunkie better watch that talk. Their day is fruitful vis-a-vis gator kills, but Troy did not neatly kill each one. No sir.

We are on Day 6 of hunting season, and Troy has big plans. One-Shot Nunkie and Holden have laid the lines and roll up on a tree-shaker. But…One-Shot Nunkie can’t land a shot.

Holden Landry
Holden calls bull and says Troy needs to lay off the boasting

After five shots fired they bag an 8-footer. Troy thinks Holden has somehow sabotaged his shot mojo. As their day progresses, they have a boat filled with 21 kills. But with Troy vowing to restore his one-shot name, they have a gator come alive in the boat as they’re trying to get one in!

Look who just woke up! One-Shot Nunkie missed the kill spot

Frenchy and Gee still in God’s good graces

Gee Singleton
Frenchy and Gee believe in prayer and live a godly gator-huntin’ life

Frenchy Crochet and Gee Singleton return! The good Lord is still looking out for the two who lost their lease, and are now hunting in a new area in Bayou Black.

Their first kill is a snarly 6-footer and they keep up their spirits talking about scripture and doing their work and keeping the faith as they hunt the new territory.

Frenchy’s first gator is kind of small, but they keep at it

Frenchy says “they have to make a living” as the two scour for more gators.

They keep at it, having faith and praying for “a pole-bender” and, lo and behold, they get one!

Gee Singleton, Frenchy Crochet
Frenchy and Gee’s ritual when they bag a behemoth is to salt-and-pepper bless the kill

An 11-footer. This last line of the day turns out to be a monster! This inspires the “hallelujah dance” by Frenchy at the weigh-in at the docks.

Houdini’s Last Stand

R.J. Molinere
Jay Paul says Tommy wasn’t good enough to help him catch Houdini, but his dad can

In Houma, the Molineres, R.J. and Jay Paul are putting on the gun show with their big ol’ biceps and are air-boating to their nemesis, dubbed Houdini. Mr. Houdini is Jay Paul’s Grand Noir, and he wants him, like…badly.

He’s probably driven everyone in Houma crazy with his “one that got away” stories from last season, when the monster escaped Jay Paul’s efforts.

In this episode, Jay Paul throws a bit of shade at his last-season deckhand Tommy Chauvin saying if his daddy R.J. were in the boat with him he’d have already bagged the elusive reptile.

The beast R.J. and Jay Paul first snag on the line is not Houdini. Then, they bag a monster that was bitten BY Houdini with gator-teeth puncture wounds that are deep as a man’s finger.

A Houdini victim — and this guy was 10 feet long!

The two men head into a residential part of the Bayou and the folks there tell them that a big gator — likely Houdini — is in the canal.

They tool on and come upon a tangled-up line, and a 6-footer is bagged. The day is starting to wind down, and Houdini is still out there.

But they see one more line down, and finally…the 12-foot Houdini is bagged, easily! It was kind of a let-down if we are being completely honest.

Houdini was finally caught. Now all the legendary beasties seem to be gone..or are they?

The no-pity, just hard work cure for insomnia? Come visit The Broussards

Y’all having a hard time getting to sleep? Kristi Broussard has the cure. Down on Pecan Island, Kristi and husband String Bean (Justin) are on the move. The two are motivated and have “a five-year plan”.

She says she’s just going to drive the boat, but their five-year plan needs this to be a lucrative gator season so she’ll be gunning too. They bag a feisty little 6-footer. The two then spot another little one and have set lines on a secluded pond. Then they have to get out of the boat to bag a small gator and are able to save the hook. Pennies count in this lean season y’all.

Kristi bags a monster — finally

The two roll up and find a live wire. It’s an 11-footer, the biggest they’ve caught so far.

Each group has managed to nail some big gators tonight.

The haul was righteous for all of them, especially Troy and Holden

Thanks to their 11+ footer, Frenchy and Gee made their 7-foot average haul and Frenchy broke out in the hallelujah dance. Someone, please make a GIF of that.

And 120 mile away, on Pecan Island our homesteaders, Kristi and String Bean, after spending the entire day gator-hunting, are now rounding up cattle and are on horses with their babies.

Then, she makes dinner, gets the two kids ready for bed and squares up her house and laundry. Kristi says she doesn’t get how folks have insomnia — what is that? If you have it, you aren’t working a full day.

Next week it is teased that a tropical storm causes havoc for all the hunters.

Troy Landry
Troy being pelted by rain and hail in a tropical storm on the Bayou

I also have word that there’s a good chance Willie Edwards will be in the next episode, so catch y’all next Thursday!

Swamp People airs Thursdays at 9/8c on History.

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Joshua Taylor
Joshua Taylor
10 months ago

This show was a classic, we love the outdoors hunting and fishing, but man they made us laugh.